Farmer Steve Mobile Petting Zoo


If you are looking for an exciting and unique experience for your next event, look no further than your own backyard and Farmer Steve!

We surprised our birthday boy with a mobile petting zoo from Farmer Steve and it was everything we dreamed of!

Let me tell you about our experience with Farmer Steve and this mobile petting zoo birthday party. They bring it right to your home, set up, clean up, you just get to have all the fun. 


Farmer Steve brought a mobile petting zoo to our home for a party. It was fantastic! We celebrated our animal loving 4 year old over the weekend with our own backyard petting zoo from Farmer Steve.

The entire experience from start to finish was everything we hoped for when planning our barnyard party. Many other mobile petting zoo options included ponies and goats, but few offered exactly what I envisioned for our springtime celebration. farmer steve

While talking among other parents, someone mentioned Farmer Steve who regularly visits schools and community events across Louisville with his mobile petting zoo. Once I discovered the long list of adorable barnyard animals he travels with, I knew we found the perfect fit!  

You can reserve the mobile display of animals for 2.5 hours and the base charge is $395, 1uotes may be higher depending on mileage. This currently includeds goats, baby pigs, calves, lambs, baby chicks, ducks, adult chickens and an adult turkey. From the words of Farmer Steve, “You will be shocked at what all comes out of our truck” and we absolutely were! 

The set-up is efficient and quick. They place the enclosures are strategically to separate each display for the comfort and convenience of animals and guests. Children are able to enter the enclosures to interact and even help feed the animals! Farmer Steve does require that food be kept separated at all times and guests wash their hands after handling the animals.

The kids had so many questions about the barnyard animals, and luckily there was someone at the party to answer all of them! Not only did we get a memorable experience, but we also learned a little more about the life of each animal. 

farmer steve


From start to finish, the kids as well as the adults enjoyed every minute. I am so thankful to Farmer Steve for sharing his barnyard crew with us for the day!

Remember, Farmer Steve’s mobile petting zoo programs include learning about animals, agriculture, food, and the environment. They can bring baby chicks, pigs, calves, lambs, adult chickens, and even turkeys! A great variety of animals. 

  farmer steve

Enjoy more photos below of the mobile petting zoo and let us know if you have any questions about our party with Farmer Steve. Kids were enthralled with the animals and were able to have such a hands-on experience during this farm animal party.  


Huge smiles for birthday fun with animals. What a unique party experience brought right to our house!

Find Farmer Steve on Facebook at or email to book your event today! 

The fee for the 2.5-3hour party was $380 as of April, 2022. We are waiting on updated pricing from them.

Also see our full list of party options, rentals, and attractions here!  mobile petting zoo



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