Hosting a Kentucky Derby Party at home


Hosting a Kentucky Derby party at home? The Kentucky Derby is a time for big plans. You are either heading to a gala, to the track, or if you are like me, spending time with your family and friends.

We are always looking for fun things to do to have fun with kids at your Derby party between watching races – all day and making great food to entertain everyone. 

Kentucky Derby party at home ideas for 2023. 

Here are some ideas for a fantastic Derby party:



Mock Julep: These are fantastic, I love them! Of course, I prefer to make them with Kentucky Proud Ale-8-one. This is a Derby party recipe that everyone will enjoy. See video below. You will need lemon juice, mint, sugar, water, Ale 8 (or ginger ale). 

Mini Kentucky Pie: What I do if follow a regular recipe for the entire pit but make them in mini shells by cutting up the pie shells from the refrigerated circle and fitting them into cupcake pans. Then, I just dollop the pie filling into those and bake for less time.

Rice Crispy Horseshoe: You can change this recipe up easily to fit your family’s taste. Just mold the dessert into a horseshoe and you are set. And, you don’t need mad baking skills to do this!

Hot Brown Sliders: These are always a hit and super easy because you can do them in one pan and travel well to parties to bake up quickly. And, they are ready to grab individually.

Kentucky derby party at home

Hot Brown Casserole: The sliders are more for grabbing and this recipe is more for fork/knife. It’s large enough to serve a bunch of people and had pretty simple ingredients!



Of course, you will want photos. It’s always fun to have a photo booth and supplies ready for people to pose. Grab this kit quick so it’ll arrive in time.  

Simple photo booth supplies


Pool Noodle Horse Race: A craft and activity combined. This is perfect for kids to get the wiggles out. Fold the end of the pool noodle and secure it with yarn, make sure the yarn is long enough to act like reins. Use a hot glue gun for kids to choose google eyes and make felt mane for their horse. Really, let them make that horse whatever they want it to be. Then, let them RUN!



Newspaper hats: Use the newspaper to mold the hat and then have random art supplies for the kids to make it their own style. Use stickers or colored paper to let kids make whatever they want out of their enormous paper hat!

derby party at home

Headband fascinators: Purchase inexpensive packs of plastic headbands. Use card stock or plates to fix on the headbands through two holes cut in the paper. Secure in place with a glue gun. Then, have supplies like buttons, sequins, feathers, markers, stickers, ribbon, etc. available for the kids to decorate.

Jockey silks: Using construction paper, cut out the shape of a long sleeved shirt in random colors. Cut out random shapes like triangles, long rectangles, circles etc. The kids can use close to lay out patterns to design their own jockey silks.

Make a jockey: These people cutouts are fun! With construction paper, glue, and markers, the kids can make their own jockeys by designing their silks, pants, hats.

The Kentucky Derby Festival has printable coloring pages


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