Spraygrounds and Splashpads in and around Louisville


Spraygrounds and splashpads in Louisville are a great way for the kids to cool off in summer!

Spraygrounds Splashpads Louisville

Are you searching for “spraygrounds near me” on your phone? Welcome to our website! We have all of the information for parks that have spraygrounds or splashpads. You can have fun and stay cool this summer with your kids.

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If you don’t have access to a pool, there are many FREE options to cool down and get wet during the hot months in and around Louisville. 

Many of the metro parks have spray areas and splash pads for lots of fun on really hot summer days as do other locations. They are free and most are surrounded by all of the other amenities like playgrounds and picnic areas.


Here’s a list of the free spraygrounds!

Spraygrounds and splashpads are really great for families with small children. Pools can be difficult with many quick little kids to keep track of deep water around. With the sprayground, they can still get wet and cool off without the worries of a pool.

Plus, I feel like you can pop in and out of a sprayground pretty quickly. Bring chairs for relaxing, buckets to fill, hats and sunscreen, and have fun!

Free Spraygrounds near Louisville

Louisville Metro Parks Spraygrounds do not necessarily open at the same time throughout the year so we cannot post specific opening dates for all of them.

Most metro parks spraygrounds are open dawn to dusk.

When we have summer-like weather in spring, they start to open. It is not common for these locations to announce actual dates when they open for the year so we cannot definitively say in April/May that they are all open. 

Other spraygrounds listed on this page may have different hours or may change their hours at any time. And, they open for the season at all different days of the year which are not always announced or predictable. Please know that we update this when we see this information but sometimes we do not find that right away!

Mary T. Meagher has an outdoor sprayground. Here is our review. (Crescent Hill)


Baxter Square


Boone Square


CentralWe discuss it in our review

CherokeeOur Review


City of Hillview Sprayground

Don & Elizabeth Buchanan Splash Pad – Henry Co.

Looking for more spraygrounds? We told you there are many. You could do a sprayground or splash pad tour each summer! Here are some more options for splashing and cooling off.

Gateway Park (Clarksville) – Reviewed here 

George Rogers ClarkSee our reviews

G.G. Moore

Silver Street Park (New Albany) 

Skyview Splash Park in Jeffersontown

(The Parklands Spraygrounds typically open May 1 each year. Confirmed ON for 2024 as of 5/2/24) The Parklands of Floyds Fork -Beckley Creek Park

The Parklands of Floyds Fork- Broad Run Park

Tyler – recently renovated. Info and video here

Waterfrontreview (of the park in general) 

William B. Stansbury

William Harrison


For a fee/membership:

There are some spraygrounds and splash pads within venues that require a fee. Here are some of those options. Spraygrounds at pools are generally not open until Memorial Day Weekend. 

The Louisville Zoo also has a nice splash and spray area, Splash Park. Admission is required! 

Charlestown Family Activities Park – $3 -$5 for splash & all other activities. Read our review.  

Clarksville Cove has three splash pads. 

Jeffersonville Aquatic Center has a sprayground area. 

New Albany’s River Run has a splash area

Kentucky Kingdom has a shallow splash area

Calypso Cove (YMCA Northeast) has a spray area, membership required

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park has a new splash pad at their pool!

Looking for public pools? Click here!

So many ways to stay cool in summer. Here are all of our posts that include water fun ideas. 

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Spraygrounds and Splashpads in and around Louisville

Spraygrounds and Splashpads in and around Louisville

Spraygrounds and splashpads in Louisville are a great way for the kids to cool off in summer! Are you searching ...
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