The Big Bounce America in Louisville


The Big Bounce America in Louisville – it’s coming summer 2022

Learn more about this gigantic bouncing event that is coming to Louisville. 

Have you heard? The Big Bounce America in Louisville is happening this spring, 2024. The company has added Louisville to its list of tour dates.

The above image if from their event in Sarasota. That’s just ONE of the bouncing courses, just crazy how huge it is. 

Big Bounce America in Louisville

The Big Bounce America says they are the world’s largest touring inflatable theme park. Like, Guinness Book of World’s Records big. As you can see from the photos, they set up a gigantic park of impressive inflatables.

Here is a video so you can see more about what it’s all about:

These are not your ordinary inflatable bouncy houses. You will not be able to rent these for your backyard! They have live music, games, slides, climbing, sports. It’s really an amusement park coming right to Louisville. 


You can get a 3 hour ticket to explore their different themed areas: The World’s Biggest Bounce House, The Giant, Airspace, and Sports Slam.

You can select a time slot that is appropriate for your entire family based on ages. I really like that they have some time slots set by age. Also, you can even choose to bounce WITHOUT your kids during an adult-only slot. They do indicate that their events have been selling out quickly. 

Big Bounce America in Louisville

They have four bounce adventures for you to explore. Yes, bring your phone in but we sure to keep track of it while you are bouncing around wildly or sliding down the enormous slides. 

The World’s Biggest Bounce House: 13,000 square feet with a DJ!


Airspace: For an out of this world experience, jump amongst the aliens! Gigantic 5-lane slide


Sports Slam: Dodgeball, basketball, soccer and more. 

Big Bounce America in Louisville

Example from previous events


Big Bounce America in Louisville will have sessions for toddlers (3 and younger), juniors (7+), Bigger kids (15+) and even adult only sessions. For the sessions with kids, the caregivers play too. But, if you want to watch you can do that for free. For examples, with little ones, someone has to bounce with them but if another parent wants to watch, spectators are free.


The Louisville event will take place at Clarksville Sportsdrome Speedway

May 3-5

Tickets are available NOW for purchase online

You bounce for THREE HOURS. Can you bounce for three hours? That’s a ton of exercise and fun. You better stay hydrated! The good new is, after this event, your children will be exhausted.

Photos from previous events

Note: Toddlers cannot bounce unsupervised & must be accompanied by at least one paying parent/caregiver (16+). For the bigger kid sessions, entry is free for parents/caregivers who are only spectating. And, make sure everyone is wearing socks, that’s the rule.

They have an extensive FAQ page in case you want to learn more. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates. 

HAVE FUN BOUNCING! Check back soon and we will update this when they announce more about the Louisville event. 

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Above photos from The Big Bounce America



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