Review of The Barrel of Fun Ice Cream


If you’ve never been to this local place, it is a family fun must! My aunt still tells the story of how we used to ride our bikes to the local ice cream parlor. As she loves to tell the story, I would always insist on getting chocolate and she would order sherbet. Then by the end our flavors were reversed. These little ice cream shops belong to most of us when it comes to childhood nostalgia and since 1994, Barrel of Fun Ice Cream is certainly no exception. I mean, it’s shaped like a big red and white barrel, for Pete’s sake!

There are a ton of options. The most popular being their Brownie Sundae…at least according to my husband. They also serve up a few lunch menu items. I hear their burgers are great. Their prices are hard to beat and on a hot day, there’s just nothing better. Just make sure you BRING CASH! They are a cash only establishment. The biggest bonus of all is that they are conveniently located right next to McNeely Lake Park. Check out our review of McNeely Lake Park here. So take the fam to grab some tasty treats and enjoy them at the park picnic style. There’s no better place to be as that sugar kicks in.

Barrel of Fun is open:
Monday-Friday 11:30am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 2pm-9pm

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