BFKS 2016

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When I was a teacher, I met so many students who were down on life already – at 15, 16, 17 years old.  It was really disheartening to find that a lot of them did not have a good support system at home or anyone who had a genuine interest in their lives.  They were struggling in school and still, no one attended parent night, no one answered when I called home to talk about what we can do to help them and the kids…..they knew it.  But, they wanted someone.  I know that Big Brothers Big Sisters provides that someone for so many kids and I want to be a part of making it happen.

One caring adult with one child can lead to a domino effect of positive outcomes as that child succeeds in life and helps others do the same.  

LouFamFun has raised $4,870 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana Bowl For Kids’ Sake so far!  

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Donate at least $5 between 2/13 and 3/1 and we’ll enter you to win 4 JUMP PASSES to HOUSE OF BOOM!

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You can form your own Bowl For Kids’ Sake team too!  Visit for more information. It’s a FUN way for families to support local kids.  

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