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This page is dedicated to all of the busy parents out there that want to feed their families delicious, home-cooked meals but have limited time!  In order to enjoy your family fun, you have to keep up with the basics and well, if people aren’t fed, they are not happy. And, it’s not financially and nutritionally feasible to be grabbing food on the run all of the time. Here are some meal plans and links to help you live a family-fun, well-fed life.

I don’t plan weekends because we tend to save Saturdays for dining out and I work on Sunday nights so my husband fills in with leftovers.  Additionally, if it’s from the ocean or a lake, I don’t like it, so you won’t find meal plans that involve fish and such.  Enjoy!

Week 1

M- Pizza Monkey Bread  + fruit
T – Taco Tater Tot Bake
W – Turkey Smoked Sausage, stewed green beans/onions, Corn muffin tops
Th – Bacon Parmesan Pasta and salad
F – Slow Cooker Veg Soup  + homemade peasant bread

Week 2

M – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice and Broccoli
T – Pizza Night (Mommy has a meeting!)
W – Tex Mex Lasagna & Fruit (see recipe below list)
Th – Ham & Pineapple Kabobs with roasted potatoes
F – Leftovers after a long week – phew!
And for a dessert this week, I’m going to try Bisquick Choc. Chip cookies with a greek yogurt substitute for butter!
(Tex Mex Lasagna – I mix 2-3 cooked and shredded chicken breasts with 1/2 C lite sour cream, 1 can cream of chicken and a packet of taco seasoning.  I throw in some veggies too  like corn, chopped onions, bell peppers or sometimes black beans or diced green chiles – whatever I have.  I spray a casserole dish and layer pieces of whole wheat tortilla, then creamy mixture, cheddar cheese and repeat ending in tortilla. I cover with foil & bake at 350 until it’s all bubbly and last five minutes I take the foil off and top with cheese to melt.)

Week 3

M – Breakfast Casserole for dinner + fruit
T – Baked rotini with meat sauce + salad
W – Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches, corn cob and green beans (recipe below)
Th – On the go – you know those evenings when you are between here and there, no time for a meal at home
F – Caribbean Dumb Chicken out of my freezer over noodles
(Slow cooker pulled pork – I mix a packet of onion soup mix with a bottle of BBQ sauce and about 1/2 cup of water and pour it over a pork loin roast. I cook it for 6-8hrs on high. I remove the meat, pull it apart and put it back in the slow cooker. I pour in more BBQ sauce until it’s the way we like it and cook it for about 1 more hour).

Week 4

M – Cut up Hot dogs mixed in fun shaped Mac n Cheese with a side of broccoli (birthday boy’s dinner!)
T – Toasted Italian Sub sandwiches (see below) and fruit
W – Loaded Potato soup and Caesar salad (see below)
Th – Homemade Italian meatballs (I have a family recipe, but this is close) with grilled mozzarella sandwiches
F – Build your own quesadillas (see below)
(Toasted Italian Subs – I buy whole wheat sub rolls and layer them open faced with Genoa salami, sliced deli pepperoni, smoked ham, provolone cheese and red onions for those who like it.  Then I sprinkle with Italian seasoning and toast them quick in the oven! Also good with some oil & vinegar after you cook it)
(Loaded potato soup – I get the canned condensed soup and mix it in a pot with 3/4 can milk and 1/4 can sour cream.  Heat it up. Then, we load on chives, bacon bits and cheese – so easy.)
(Build your own quesadillas – I prep chicken before by grilling or boiling chicken breast, chopping and tossing with a bit of taco seasoning.  At the table, everyone adds cheese, onions, peppers, chicken, chopped chiles etc.- whatever they like! – then, I either cook them super fast in a hot lightly oiled pan or we wrap them in foil and pop them on the grill, be sure to turn them)

Week 5

M – Going to try this Red Beans & Smoked sausage recipe in a foil pouch on the grill!
T- Breakfast for dinner! Breakfast pizza with fresh fruit
W – Ultimate chicken fingers with cornbread and steamed green beans
Th – Zesty Italian chicken with rice (see below)
F – Taco Pasta
(Zesty Italian Chicken – marinate chicken breasts overnight in your favorite italian dressing with some worcestershire, just enough liquid to cover the chicken to soak in the flavors!  Cook is in a glass pan at 350 until chicken in done, depends on thickness of chicken. Or, grill the chicken)

Week 6 –  Countdown to the Kentucky Derby – busy busy week!
M – Baked Ravioli and Caesar salad
T – $1.99 Happy Meals and something lite for Mommy at McDonald’s as we head to the KDF Parade Preview Party!
W – Salsa chicken (literally salsa + chicken breasts cooked in crockpot on high for 8 hours) over Spanish rice (from a box people, from a box) and refried beans (from a can people, from a can)
Th – Packing a picnic and heading to the Pegasus Parade!
F – Baked brown sugar ham with pineapple, green beans and dinner rolls

Week 7 
M – Healthy baked Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti
T – Pizza night, mommy has a meeting
W – Grilled Flat Iron Steak (super easy cut, affordable, lean & cooks quick!), twice baked potatoes in a muffin tin, grilled zucchini
Th – Zesty Tex-Mex chicken on the grill, fruit salad, corn muffins!
F – Two Timin’ pasta bake with garden salad

Week 8
M – Tater Tot Cheeseburger Casserole
T – Seasoned grilled chicken, corn on the grill, grilled peppers/zucchini/onions on grill
W – Asian Chicken broccoli slaw wraps (mix chopped cooked chicken with broccoli slaw and slivered almonds and Asian dressing, put in a pita or wrap! Similar to this recipe)
Th – Sloppy Joe sliders, green beans, fruit salad
F – Make your own grilled pizzas

Week 9
M – Grilled steaks,baked potatoes and baked zucchini fries
T – $1.99 Happy Meals at McDonald’s as requested by my son since it’s the last day of school!
W – BBQ Chicken Pizza Roll like this recipe. (I use BBQ sauce, cheddar, cooked chicken, sometimes sauteed onions and I use the refrigerated Pillsbury pizza dough)
Th – Mini Baked corn dog muffins, baked beans & fruit (For the muffins, I make jiffy corn muffin mix in mini muffin and in each muffin spot I put in a cut up piece of hot dog and then bake!)
F – Lasagna Roll Ups with garlic bread

Week 10
M – Meatballs (my family recipe but close to this one) with lite Caesar salad and garlic bread
T –  Breakfast for dinner – hash browns (the pre-cut ones cooked in a bit of oil with onions and seasoning), scrambled cheesy eggs and sausage
W – Pizza Night – pulling out a frozen pizza and taking it easy
Th- Sliced smoked sausage with peppers & onions (sauteed in pan together) on whole wheat hoagie rolls with fruit salad
F – Marinated Baked chicken with rice (from a box ya’ll) and steamed broccoli  (for my chicken, I let thinly sliced chicken breasts marinate overnight in italian dressing, honey and Worcestershire sauce like this recipe. Then, bake in a pan until fully cooked on 350 degrees or it’s delish on the grill)

Week 11
M – Crockpot creamy ranch chicken with egg noodles and steam in bag broccoli
T – Lasagna Roll ups with garden salad
W – Easy Homemade Fried Rice with fan fried dumpling (Ling Ling brand from costco)
Th – Taking the night off and going to a Kids Eat Free spot– (probably McAlisters)
F – Picnic dinner at the pool – Italian Sub sandwiches, sun chips, fresh fruit 🙂

Week 12
M – Build your own mini pizzas (we use biscuit dough and peel it in half – 2 crusts per biscuit!)
T – Cheeseburger Casserole & salad
W – Grilled smoked sausage, corn bread (Jiffy, of course), stewed green beans (for the green beans: I use canned, pour off half of the liquid, cook covered on stove with bacon bits, chopped onion, 1 beef bouillon, splash of soy sauce)
Th – Burgers, corn on the cob and baked beans
F – Santa Fe Chicken , chips and salsa (maybe even queso!) and grilled peaches

Week 13
M- Dining out for a fundraising event!
T – Crockpot Chicken Tacos with vegetarian refried beans (just heating up a can!)
W – Breakfast for dinner – French toast casserole with turkey sausage and fruit salad
Th – Baked beef ravioli parmesan with easy breadsticks and salad
F- Tomato Basil Chicken & Pasta – tomatoes & basil from our garden, YEAH!

Week 14
M- Enchilada Casserole
T – Kids Eat Free restaurant night – if Daddy ain’t home, Mommy ain’t cookin’
W – Grilled smoked sausage, grilled corn (I take of the husks, butter the kernels and wrap in foil, mmmm), fruit of the day
TH – HOLA! Fajitas!   Chicken strips, bell peppers and onions in a skillet with some fajita seasoning with the fixins.
F – Seasoned burgers on the grill, salad, chips and grilled pineapple kabobs because everything is better on a stick.

Week 15 (Lots of recipes from this pin)
M – Tex Mex Lasagna – family favorite! See week 2 for recipe
T – Root Beer Pulled Pork Sliders on Kings Hawaiian Rolls with garden salad and steamed carrots
W – Make your own mini pizza night! (we use biscuit dough and peel it in half – 2 crusts per biscuit! spray a baking sheet and lay them out, top with sauce, cheese and whatever else everyone wants, bake at 350 until they are done!)
Th- Chicken Bacon Pasta in the crockpot with caesar salad
F – Slow cooker italian sausage and peppers subs with fruit salad

Week 16
M – Cheeseburger Casserole, fruit
T – Slow Cooker Philly Cheese-chicken sandwiches (my bell peppers are overflowing in the garden, must use them!)
W – Breakfast for dinner – the kids will choose! (Likely shaped pancakes…I know them well)
Th – Grilled brats and pasta salad
F – Orange chicken (crockpot) over rice with broccoli slaw salad (toss broccoli slaw with lite Asian dressing, chopped green onions and slivered almonds!)

Week 17
M- Chicken Parmesan and spaghetti – Bobby Flay style recipe except I don’t make my own sauce, ain’t nobody got time for that
T – “Brinner” Baked French Toast Sticks,sausage, bananas
W –Pizza Balls (I follow this general recipes with our own toppings), garden salad
Th – Picnic dinner before soccer practice – say Peanut Butter & Jelly 25 times fast 🙂
F – Biscuit Taco Bake and fruit

Week 18
M- Easy Crockpot chili – the minute it dips into the 50s at night, I fire up the chili!
T – Stuffed Bell Peppers (I’m using shredded chicken instead of beef, to change it up) with fruit
W – Black bean burgers (I buy them at Costco) with cheesy zucchini bake
Th – Pizza night after soccer! Everyone needs a cooking break and it’s our school’s fundraising “dough” night
F – Breakfast boats for dinner – how fun is this recipe!

Week 19
M-Pulled pork sandwiches (see recipe below) with sun chips and pineapple.
T- Ravioli Parmesan – cooked ahead, when Mom has a meeting, it’s an easy dish for Dad to heat up in the oven! The frozen raviolis at Kroger are decent and reasonably priced.
W- Pizza night after Dance – yes we have weekly pizza night, don’t you?
Th- Ranch Chicken over rice with steamed carrots
F – Alfredo chicken bake with salad
(Slow cooker pulled pork – I mix a packet of onion soup mix with a bottle of BBQ sauce and about 1/2 cup of water and pour it over a pork loin roast. I cook it for 6-8hrs on high. I remove the meat, pull it apart and put it back in the slow cooker. I pour in more BBQ sauce until it’s the way we like it and cook it for about 1 more hour).

Week 20
M – Hamburger Steak with roasted green beans and mashed potatoes
T – Italian Cheese Panko Baked Chicken strips, steamed broccoli and brown rice
W – Pizza night after dance class
Th – Crockpot Tortellini dish with crusty bread
F – Grilled seasoned chicken with black beans and rice (Zatarains in the box, baby) and fruit

Week 21
M – Crockpot Sweet Garlic Chicken over noodles
T – Kids Eat Free at McAlisters
W – Chicken tortilla soup
Th – Picnic at evening soccer games (family on the run still has to eat and don’t wait take out every time!)
F – Crockpot cheesy Ravioli with salad

Week 22
M – Easy Enchiladas with fruit
T – Crockpot potato soup with fixings like shredded cheese and bacon bits, with salad
W – One pot cheesy chicken pasta with steamed broccoli
Th- Sandwiches before trick or treating! Happy Halloween!
F – Pizza night, surely I can find a coupon for delivery or a frozen pizza in the freezer stash

Week 23
M – Sweet Potato Blackbean Chili
T – Frozen chicken tenders baked up, steamed broccoli, pears
W – Spicy Sausage Pasta with Caesar salad
Th – Birthday party!  Pizza!
F – Breakfast for dinner: Monkey bread, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and fruit

Week 24
M – Pizza Night
T – Crockpot BBQ chicken (see below), corn bread muffin tops, steamed broccoli
BBQ Crockpot Chicken 4-6 chicken breast 1 bottle sweet BBQ sauce, 1/4 c vinegar, 1 tsp red pepper flakes,  1/4 c brown sugar, 1 tsp garlic powder. Mix everything but chicken. Place chicken in crockpot. Pour sauce mixture over chicken. Cook on low 4-6 hours
W – Creamy marinara chicken and pasta & salad
(Cook pasta, mix with your favorite marinara and some pre-made alfredo sauce, cooked cubed or shredded chicken, 2 cups shredded mozzarella, 1 cup grated parmesan.  Bake until it’s all melted together)
Th- Pick up something quick, take a break and do kids eat free
F – Ranch Chicken & rice & carrots

Week 25
M – Build your own tostadas.  (Make ground beef with taco seasoning, serve with tostadas, sour cream, refried beans, salsa, shredded lettuce, cheese and other toppings. Everyone makes their own!)
T- Vegetarian Chili
W-  Penne Carbonara
Th – Pizza Night, there’s always a pizza night at my house
F – Breakfast for Dinner

Week 26
M – Baked Stuffed Peppers
T – Southwest Chicken Rolls
W – Pretzel Dogs (the kids would love to help make dough) & fruit
Th – Take the night off – kids eat free somewhere
F – Crockpot Pizza Casserole

Week 27 
M – Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (this recipe is similar to how I make this dish, I use 2 cups of milk with flour and butter when I mix it with the cream cheese, and I top with shredded parmesan cheese) with side salads (bagged mix)
T – Taco Tuesday – make your own versions of tacos with the fixins’, sides of black beans, refried beans, and corn
W – Loaded Dinner Salads – my family makes our own salads about 2 or 3 times a week sometimes. We load up bagged romaine and bagged baby spinach into our bowls, then add hardboiled egg, deli turkey, shredded cheese, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, walnut pieces, pecans, cucumbers, peppers, dressing, etc. Each person might add their own things. Sometimes I personally make a Gorgonzola salad with greens, dried cranberries, sliced Granny Smith apples, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette
Th – Sandwich Night – make your own “Subway” sandwich with deli meat and sliced cheese, hoagie rolls or sourdough bread or other fun types of bread, tomato, spinach from the salad mixes, etc. Serve with fruit.
F – Family Fun Nights – we each take turns choosing a meal for Fridays and we make it together and have game nights. This week it’s hamburgers, baked potatoes, and roasted broccoli. I love to get my pre-made hamburger patties from local ValuMarket!  ~Erin

Week 28
M – Easy Cheeseburger Casserole
T – Crockpot Beef Veggie Soup
W – Take it easy – Kids Eat Free at Moe’s
Th – Meatball Sub Bake with salad
F – Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot casserole with fruit

Week 29
M – Stuffed Breakfast Biscuit for dinner!  Serve with fruit smoothies
T- Crockpot Hamburger with wild rice
W- Baked buffalo chicken wraps (use pre-breaded chicken to make it even easier!) with sides like celery & carrot sticks with ranch and sliced apples.
Th- Eat leftovers. Seriously, you just cooked 3 nights in a row. If you cook again, you will set the bar too high.
F- Sausage Alfredo with salad

Week 30
M – Spaghetti-saute beef (I use ground sirloin from local ValuMarket), saute some fresh muhrooms, add two jars of sauce (I also used store brand Valu.) Serve over pasta of your choice with side salads or steamed broccoli
T – Grilled chicken over beds of romaine lettuce, top with avocado, cucumber, tomato, serve with sides of fruit

W – Chicken with black beans in crockpot – place four large chicken breasts with two cans seasoned black beans and half a packet of taco seasoning. Cook on high 4-6 hours. Top with sour cream, Mexican blend cheese, salsa, etc. Serve over rice or make into burritos – the chicken will shred perfectly!

Th – Steak and veggies one pan meal

F – Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Week 31
M – Manwich -easy peasy I say! My family loves this stuff on buns; I always use ground sirloin from ValuMarket. Serve with apple slices and strawberries.
T – Aldi pizza – another crowd favorite at my house. Aldi’s has some great deals, and I recently found their fresh (not frozen kind) extra large pizzas for $4.99. I got a cheese pizza and we added fresh mushrooms and red bell peppers to one side and left cheese for the kids. Serve with clementines!

W – Simply Smart Chicken from Perdue-I found this recently at my local Kroger and really liked the quality of it and the taste was great too! Make this Maple Dijon 4 ingredient sauce, add the chicken, and serve over rice. Small side salads on the side.
Th – Popcorn chicken from Kroger! I also found these small bags of popcorn chicken in the deli section for $1.89 per bag! Serve with buttered noodles, applesauce, carrot sticks and steamed broccoli.
F – Maple Sausage and Waffle Casserole – Have fun on a Friday night cooking together, or get take out and make this to refrigerate overnight and enjoy on Saturday!

Week 32
M – Mixed Vegetable Meatloaf Muffins – the veggies are packed inside!
T – Mini Chicken Pot Pies
W – First day of fall! Wagon Wheel Beef Soup
Th – Southwestern Chicken Roll Ups
F – Break out the waffle iron for a twist on fun family meals! Try some grilled cheese and serve with your favorite soup!

Week 33
M – I’ve fallen into a slump lately with lunch box ideas, so I thought I’d find some new ideas to try! Check out a Kids Eat Free spot tonight!
T – Weeknight Chicken Stir Fry – I love when the veggies are already mixed into the meal!
W – Fall is made for soup! I found a new tomato soup recipe to try (and I love tomato soup!)
Th – Meatless night! A Baked Potato Bar sounds fun!
F – Fridays are becoming a night where we either love to get take out or make breakfast for dinner! Check out these fresh new ideas.

Week 34

M – Five ingredients – YES! BBQ Chicken – Serve with corn on the cob and rolls.
T – Try something different Tuesday! Shrimp Fried Rice (substitute chicken if your kids aren’t into the shrimp)
W – It’s mid-week Wednesday! This homemade hot dogs and mac -n- cheese sounds great! Serve with some cut up fresh veggies and dip.
Th – Chicken French Bread Pizza – Make a yummy fruit salad together to go with it.
F – Make it a fun and festive Italian night – Baked Ziti and serve with salads

Week 35
M – Make a simple gravy (I used packets and mix on the stove) and cut up some deli turkey. After gravy is cooked and finished, add turkey pieces and let simmer for 10 minutes. Make some easy mashed potatoes and toast some bread. Serve turkey and gravy over slices of toast along with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.
T – Taco Tuesday Twist –> Chicken Burrito Skillet
W – Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs-because it’s Halloween week! Serve with fresh fruit.
Th – This week has been a crazy one for my family, Pizza Quesadillas it is! Make these fun quesadillas with soft tortillas, pizza cheese, and slices of pepperoni. Grill up like traditional quesadillas. Add some fun candy corn fruit parfait for a semi-healthy dessert.
F – Crockpot Beef Stew-you’ll have plenty of leftovers for Halloween night this week as well!

Week 36
It’s post-Halloween week! How does a fun week of different breakfast for dinner ideas sound? Good to me! Cut up some fruit of your choice for each day and make it a meal!
M – Breakfast Quesadillas
T – Have dessert for dinner: Apple Pie Pancakes!
W – Wacky Wednesday! Crescent Roll Breakfast Ring
Th – Sausage and Zucchini Breakfast Pizza – there this one has some veggies!
F – What a fun Friday meal: Cinnamon French Toast Bites!

Week 37
M – Hot Ham and Cheese -using deli ham and swiss cheese slices, serve with applesauce.
T – Taco Tuesday: Taco Pasta, serve with tossed salads.
W – Serve up some comfort food this week! Try this Chicken and dumplings, serve with green beans and corn.
Th – Honey and garlic meet in this great 6 ingredient dish! Honey Garlic Chicken, serve over rice with broccoli.
F – Fun Friday meal! Lasagna Soup – with plenty of leftovers for the weekend!

Week 38 – It’s a crockpot kind of week!
M – Smoked sausage in the crockpot – add a little bit of water and cook on low for a few hours. Serve with sides of microwaveable mashed potatoes such as Bob Evans brand, steam in the bag green beans and crescent rolls.
T – Italian seasoned chicken -Take 4 large chicken breasts, 1 jar of fat free Italian dressing, a little sprinkle of cracked red pepper and about 6 generous shakes of Worcestershire sauce in crock pot for 10 hrs on low. Add a steam in bag veggies of your choice for a side. Also try it with carrots in crock pot.
W – Crock Pot Spaghetti – serve with side salads
Th – Slow Cooker Turkey Stew – this is also good to have on hand after Thanksgiving to make with leftovers
F – Since I started work again this week part time at nights, I’m going to serve up some comfort food: breakfast for dinner. How about these waffles with some fresh mixed berries?

Week 39
M – I’m in a pumpkin mood lately! My youngest just discovered he likes pumpkin, so we’re going to try this: Pumpkin Chili. It is made with quinoa-try it or add in regular rice if you’re not too adventurous!
T – How about Fruit Pizza to change things up this week! Serve with some scrambled eggs for some protein.
W – Get the kids to help out in the kitchen with this one! There are more steps with this than I normally like but it’s a fun one to do together! Mini Shepherd’s Pot Pies! (hint: the veggies are baked inside!)
Th – Easy Veggie Pizza! Serve with apple slices and your choice of toppings with them (butters or cream cheese, etc.)
F – Crockpot Lasagna – your crockpot has been off too long this week! Serve with side baby spinach salads. Plenty of leftovers for the weekend too!

Week 40
M – Too busy of a weekend, hit up a Kids Eat Free spot tonight!
T – Taco Tuesday! Cream Cheese and Chicken Taquitos for a fun twist! Serve with beans, corn, and rice.
W- Weeknight Mini Meatloaves. Serve with green beans and a loaf of fresh bread from your grocery.
Th- Aluminum Foil cooking makes life easy! Try this Honey Teriyaki Salmon and Vegetables. See if your kids will try something new for a change!

F – It’s Friday, why not have a little appetizer feast for a fun Friday game night! Make these deviled eggs, these stove top spinach balls and these Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders!

Week 41
M – Stir up something different and delicious! Chicken Chow Mein!
T – Try It Tuesday! Try some lettuce wraps. Stuff with different varieties of things.
W – This week’s meal plan kind of turned into a chicken week! Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips-um yes. Serve with some fruit or these tasty Glazed Baby Carrots!
Th – Head to Chick-Fil-A in St. Matthews – eat out with some festive fun with Santa Cow and Elf Cow! See more here.
F – Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Ring – Yummo! Cold weather is setting back in, have some comfort food

Week 42

It’s a holiday week, so I thought sharing five days of cookie and dessert recipes would be fun! Enjoy and happy holidays!
What’s your favorite Christmas or holiday cookie recipe or dessert to share during the holidays?!

Week 43
M – Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry – this was a sure bet for my family! Serve over rice and enjoy!
T – Oven Fried Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Thighs in 4 ingredients! Serve with side salads.
W – Slow Cooker Chicken Marsala – Serve with vegetables of your choice.
Th – Eggs in Ham Cups – Serve with in season fruit of your choice. These are great heated up, so make extras for grab and go breakfasts!
F – I love the idea of a Grilled Cheese Bar that I saw recently on a talk show. Isn’t that such a fun idea for Super Bowl parties coming up, or any family/friend gathering with lots of kids around! Here’s the idea, line up platters with the following: 1. Different types of sliced cheeses 2. Different types of breads 3. Different types of meats like turkey, ham, deli chicken, bacon 4. Different condiments including ketchup, mustard, mayo, blue cheese, chili, etc. 5. Spread with butter or drizzle with olive oil on both sides 6. If you have a sandwich maker, stick the sandwich in and grill to your liking. But you could easily just thrown in your skillet on the stove after you assemble your sandwich. Fun ideas for Super Bowl game or any other gathering with friends and family and great for kids!
See this link for some Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwich ideas as well!

Week 44
The following four recipes can be found in the book 4 Ingredients Gluten-Free by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham. They don’t necessarily need to be gluten-free if you don’t want to make it that way. Serve with your choices of sides of vegetables. I have been using this book recently, and I found it at the Library:
M – Corn and Chicken Soup -4 cups GF chicken stock, 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts thinly sliced, 2 cans GF creamed corn, 4 eggs lightly beaten. Bring stock to a boil, add chicken, reduce and simmer for 3 minutes. Add creamed corn and simmer 8 minutes. Whisk in eggs and cook, whisking until egg forms strands that spread evenly throughout soup. Season with salt and pepper.
T – BBQ Beef Stir Fry – 1 pound beef cut for stir fry, 2/3 cup GF barbeque sauce, 2 tablespoons sesame oil, 4 scallions cut lengthwise into thin strips. Combine beef and barbeque sauce in bowl and let stand for 15 minutes. Heat oil in wok or skillet. Working in batches, stir fry the beef for 1 minute. Remove from pan and stir fry the scallions, add to beef and serve over bed of greens.
W – Apricot Glazed Chicken – 2 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, 1 cup apricot preserves, 2 tsp GF Dijon mustard, 5 drops GF hot sauce. Preheat oven to 400. Place chicken in baking dish. In small bowl, mix preserves, mustard and hot sauce. Spoon mixture over chicken and bake for 15 minutes. Baste with the pan drippings and bake for another 10 minutes.
Th – Mexican Meat Loaf – 1 pound ground sirloin, 2 eggs lightly beaten, 3/4 cup GF bread crumbs, 16 ounce jar GF picante taco sauce. Preheat oven to 350; line 9x5x3 loaf pan with parchment paper. Combine beef, eggs, bread crumbs, and 3/4 of jar of taco sauce. Put into loaf pan. Spread remaining taco sauce on top. Bake for 50 minutes.
F – This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, so here are some fun ideas for bringing fun to your food if you’re having a Super Bowl party or gathering with friends and family.
Crockpot Honey Garlic Little Smokies
Chicken and Waffle Sliders
Mini Taco Cups
Check out Week 43’s idea of a Grilled Cheese Bar as well!

Week 45
M – Check out this site for some great, quick, and easy recipes! We had Loaded Chicken and Potatoes and it was delicious! Serve with green beans.
T – It’s Taco Tuesday! Try Southwest Turkey Tacos; serve with side spinach salads.
W – Three Ingredient Orange Chicken Sauce! Make the sauce and chicken and serve over rice with side of your choice of veggies.
Th – Chicken & Broccoli Shells and Cheese – it’s already got your veggies cooked in!
F – It’s time for a Kids Eat Free Option! Take a drive to a different part of town; check out Shelby Family Fun’s KEF options or Oldham Family Fun!

Week 46
M – One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Vegetables – BAM!
T – Taco Tuesday with a Twist! –> One Pot Mexican Quinoa
W – Breakfast for Dinner  –> Sweet potato waffle? Give it a try.
Th – Easy Casserole –> Easy Baked Burrito
F – I’m totally making this cauliflower pizza crust and seeing if my family notices the difference. Add whatever toppings you like. (You can find cauliflower crumbles now at your grocery.)

Louisville Family Fun Writers’ Favorite Crock Pot Recipes!

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