Review of Harmony Park in Goshen, KY By: Stephanie

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On a milder day when the sun was still bright, we bundled up and headed back to the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve. My kids loved it so much last time we went!  This time, we entered at the back of the preserve to check out the otehr trails and the play ground.

The trails on the back side of the preserve are a straight shot. If you head inward from those trails though, they get steep and a little more dangerous. Not really dangerous, but if you are looking some just a little stroll, stay on the straight path along the edge. My kids love to weave in and out so we went up and down the hills, over the bridges and climbed some!

Then, we headed back out and played at the playground. It was a well kept playground with things for all ages.  There are many swings and climbing structures. My kids love the little animals they can climb on and rock and they had 3 there. 

There is also a really nice gazebo! In the spring, I am definitely coming back with a picnic!

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