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When I was a teacher, I always taught “at-risk” students.  I was a math teacher and these were students that had previously failed math or other subjects or they were students in life situations that made it difficult for them to thrive in school because of distractions, lack of support, physical or mental disabilities or fit into any number of other categories that schools felt put them “at-risk”.  Year after year, I accepted these teaching assignments because I could handle classes of 30 of these students, challenge them and lead most of them to success.  But, to be honest, it was really stressful, such a demanding role and a lot of pressure.  Those students who did not reach their educational goals in my class weighed so heavily on my mind that after 6 years in education, when faced with the decision to work or stay home with my first child or continue to teach, I decided to take a break from teaching and I have never been back to teaching at a public school.

Why do I share this on Louisville Family Fun?  I want to give you a glimpse into my background so that you can see why I chose to work with the Boys and Girls Haven for the LouFamFun-a-thon and why organizations like these are so important.  In 6 years, I helped many students but I learned just how hard it is to do this day in and day out.  Boys and Girls Haven has been handling the most difficult of cases for over 60 years.  Their dedication is impressive and their successes, big and small, are miracles considering the abuse and neglect that these children have faced.


Please help me support Boys and Girls Haven by making a donation of any amount to them through the LouFamFun-a-thon and as a thank you from me, I am raffling off many awesome prizes to the donors!

Read more about how to donate-HERE


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