Discount Tickets to the Kentucky State Fair

Grandmother Power at Ali Center
Family Adventure Day


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Are you looking to save money and get cheaper admission tickets to the Kentucky State Fair?  If you know you are going to attend, you may want to look into advance tickets rather than paying when you get there.
Remember, parking is $8 too, so buying the ticket in advance really helps, especially if you have a larger family.

According to the Kentucky State Fair Website, Advance discount tickets for admission and Thrillway ride tickets are sold at all checkout lanes of Kroger locations throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana from July 8-August 15. Discount ends on August 15 at 10 p.m.


If you are thinking of going, here’s our review from 2010 CLICK HERE.  We did go in 2011 and had a lot of fun, doing much of the same things.  But, last year, we spent more time exploring all of the animals that people brought to the fair and we enjoyed some horse competitions.

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KCD Open House
Papa Johns Pizza
Louisville Zoo Halloween


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