Review of Berrytown Park: By Stephanie

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Berrytown Park is located just north of Anchorage. It is next to the Berrytown YMCA.  It has a baseball field, 2 tennis courts and a basketball court. It also have a gazebo in the back part of the park.  There are restrooms, but they are open seasonally. I can say that I went during the YMCA business hours and when my son had to use the restroom, the YMCA staff member had no problem allowing us to use their facilities.  

There is a playground and swings. They have both child swings and baby swings.  The playground has a few slides of different sizes as well as little bridges and climbing areas.  The ground is covered in wood mulch.  The playground was basic and enough for my kids to enjoy. It was nothing extraordinary. The area was clean but there was some graffiti on the playset. 

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