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There’s a new burger in town, Smashburger has arrived in Louisville and opens today.  SMASH, SIZZLE, SAVOR is what they sell and since I tried it yesterday with my kids prior to their opening, I can definitely say that they follow through on their promise.

PhotobucketThe new restaurant is located at the northwest corner of Shelbyville Rd and Hurstbourne Pkwy.  It has some outdoor seating but is mainly all contained inside.  It is decorated simply, focusing strictly on the food more than atmosphere which honestly, works just fine with my small kids since I don’t need to be worrying about them touching something they aren’t supposed to be touching!  It was bright,clean and inviting with their bold red statements on the wall declaring SMASH, SIZZLE,SAVOR.

PhotobucketWe went for a media lunch, so of course there were many managers,the Smashburger founder and other staff circling around to make sure we were tended to.  We were greeted warmly and a manager discussed the options with my 4 year old son, he definitely got my son excited about ordering.  We did just that, choosing a hotdog kids meal, chicken kids meal and a small all-american burger and smash fries for myself.  The hot dog bun is covered in poppy seeds and I really liked that they told us that when ordering because most kids and parents would not expect that.  They gave us a number and we found a seat.  The have tables and booths.  The kids sat and I got the beverages and utensils.  They were out of forks and I asked a employee and they brought it over promptly, wrapped in a napkin so that I was the first to touch it. 

PhotobucketOur food arrived quickly and looked really appetizing.  The staff also surprised the kids with little chocolate shakes (after asking me first!).  The shakes are made with Haagen Daz ice cream, yum! Both of my kids shared some chicken. They really liked it and I thought it was juicy and the breading was just right. It was not oily at all like some chicken fingers and the breading was not too heavy.  Their fries were traditional fries without seasoning. They were thin and like the chicken, not oily at all.  And, you would think, oh my child is just getting a hotdog but it is a nice, big hotdog and I tasted it and it had a great flavor and I could tell it was all beef.  And, the bread, bread lovers will really enjoy this place! The poppyseed bun was so tastey. 

PhotobucketI got a small burger, you can choose sizes when ordering. I also got the all american which was ketchup, mustard, onion,pickle and cheese. There are other options like classic, baja and more.  It came on a delicious, butter toaster egg bun.  I LOVE bread, and this bun was so good.  Oh, the burger was good as well.  I expected it to be greasy because they “smash” it but it wasn’t.  They use fresh ground angus beef and season the meat after they smash it on the grill to make a burger, we got a little tour of the kitchen after the meal.  Getting back to my meal: my fries were “smash fries” by choice.  They were just like the kids only tossed lightly in a rosemary-garlic oil.  These fries are not your normal fast-food fries.  I would expect these fries in a higher-end restaurant aside a steak.  They were the highlight of the meal, so light and delicately seasoned.  Really wonderful. 

I also snuck a few sips of my kids’ chocolate shakes; what? this mommy does need a surprise shake?!  Kidding!  It was a good shake but I was so full from my food, I didn’t really have too much. I think next time, I will get the smash fries and shake for my meal.  It is a very family-friendly atmosphere, clean and understated.  The prices are reasonable so it fits most family budgets for a evening out.  Give it a try and let us know if you like it also.

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