Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles: Crazy Scrapbooking

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How many times have you started a sentence with “When I was a little girl/boy”?  How much does your child really know about your childhood?  Sure they know life was different, but what was it really like?  

In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to inspire you to really share what life was like for you as a child with your sweet offspring.  For this week’s project, Crazy Quilts will be our inspiration.  Don’t know what a Crazy Quilt is?  Check out this quilt from the National Gallery of Art.

Our project objective: make a scrapbook page filled with memories from our or our mother’s childhood.  What you will need to get started:
Scrapbook paper
Acid Free Pens
Scrapbook filler page


Pictures are optional
To create your scrapbook page choose papers that correspond to memories.   In my example, my mother chose vintage prints that reminded her of her childhood.

Cut irregular shapes out of your selected sheets of paper.

Glue your paper down on your filler page by overlapping your paper until you have covered your entire page.

Trim your overlapped paper to the shape and size of your filler paper.

Illustrate your page with words, phrases, pictures and stories.

Embellish the seams with crazy quilt inspired patterns.

Want to see a Crazy Quilt?  You can see  an example at the Louisville Airport.  Take the escalators up from the baggage claim and take a left down the hall.  You can see two at the end of the hall.  
For additional inspiration, Google Crazy Quilt Stitches
Embroidery Guild of America, Louisville Kentucky
Louisville Zoo
Papa Johns Pizza
All About Kids

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