Review of the Louisville Nature Center By Jeanette

Either a short walk or drive from Joe Creason Park and the zoo is the Louisville Nature Center which is also a neighbor to Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve.  We just explored the nature center which was a quaint little place that has lots of information. The volunteers/workers there were very helpful despite just having welcomed a group of elementary aged kids for one of their educational program. In the front they have a pond and different type gardens to look at along with several different trees that are marked so you can learn the types of trees in the area. Inside, they have a few interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike along with a library. In the back of the center is a bird blind where you go into a building and are able to watch birds and squirrels eat without disturbing them. There are books and posters in the bird blind to help you identify what you see. There were 2 hiking trails in the back as a part of Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve. We were unable to explore the trails on this trip due to the fact a double stroller wouldn’t fit on the trail and I wasn’t too interested in carry to boys on the hike. I look forward to returning though soon to check out the trail. One is 1.5miles and the other one takes a shortcut so it is just about .75miles. The center has a Trail Map and Interpretive Guide brochure that points out 20 interesting things along the route – especially like such as what poison ivy looks like. Just a little more info on the nature center that you may not know is you can host your 4-8 year old’s birthday party there or buy a rain barrel from them. Just a recommendation, but I would call ahead to see if you can find out what time (if any groups) would be coming the day you would like to go since the center is not overly huge. I would imagine your experience would be a bit more enjoyable. Fortunately for us, we just beat the group to the sites and hands on exhibits so we were able to enjoy seeing everything.
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