Have Fun Cooking with Kids: Mini Pizza Recipe By: Stephanie

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My kids love to cook with me and I try to find simple recipes that can get them involved.  For younger kids, you need recipes that don’t involve a lot of chopping or raw meats.  This recipe is just perfect for little helpers.  We make mini pizzas all of the time.  It’s much more fun to make these together than to drag them out to pick up a pizza or just pop one in the oven from the freezer!

Start with a tube of refrigerated biscuits.  The brand doesn’t matter, but it works best if you get the flaky/layered type.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and spray/grease a cookie sheet.

The kids LOVE to separate the biscuits.  That’s the crust.  Just let them split the layers and make two crusts from one biscuit. Then, with their hands, they can flatten out the biscuit slightly.  Lay them down on the greased pan.

Prior to getting them over to help, prepare little bowls of toppings and sauce.  This way, all of the chopping is finished and they are ready to go. Kids don’t like to have to wait for you to cut or run to get the ingredients.  It’s a more pleasurable time together if it’s all set out.

Then, each child gets a spoon and sauce and drops a little sauce on the biscuit and spreads it out with the back of the spoon.  After they are all topped, let the kids sprinkle on cheese and toppings!  And, let the pizzas be imperfect. If some gets on the pan or one has too much cheese and another not enough, so be it.  This activity and recipe will not produce a culinary masterpiece. It’s about getting the kids involved and having fun while you cook!

Bake the pizzas until everything has melted and the crusts have puffed up and are golden around the edges.

Get creative!  We make BBQ Chicken pizzas used chopped up cooked chicken, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese. You can make a Hawaiian pizza with BBQ sauce, ham, pineapple and cheddar cheese.  Let your kids decide!

Children, no matter the age, are eager to help and proud of their creations. It makes them more willing to eat the food if they actually made it! So, instead of trying to find ways to occupy them while you run to the kitchen to cook dinner, bring them in there with you and give them a spoon!

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