Review of Hays Kennedy Park in Prospect, KY By: Stephanie

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Hays Kennedy Park is located not far off of 42 in Prospect.  We visited the park recently on a warm, sunny but windy day.  Even with the wind, my kids loved exploring the new-to-us park.    It has a paved walking trail that would be great for strollers, bikes, scooters or just going for a stroll with a friend (furry or not!).  There is a picnic shelter that has restrooms that were open!  They have a playground area that was well-kept with two structures for different age groups. 
Since this park is located relatively close to the river, there was some flooding in the low-lying areas. It did not impact the play area or walking path.  I did ask another mom if she frequented the park and if there is usually water there.  She said that there is usually water on the northern side of the park but not on the other.  So, expect a pond….or more. 
There are picnic tables near the playground, even a mini one under a tree that was perfect for my preschool age children.
There are basketball and tennis courts and baseball and soccer field.  It’s a good, well-rounded park with a lot of open space. We walked all about and picked wildflowers, played chase around some trees and hide and seek while exploring the walking path.  It is a simple and quiet park that would be great for a morning out or an afternoon picnic.
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