Review of Puzzles Fun Dome By: Stephanie

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Puzzles Fun Dome is located on Bluegrass Pkwy off of Blankenbaker just south of 64. We visited Puzzles on a rainy day looking for some indoor fun! My kids did have a lot of fun for several hours but I left having spent quite a bit more than if I would have gone to a comparable facility where they have hours of open play for just $5.

I paid $6.99 for each of my two children. My admission was free. We got there at 11am on a weekday, so the tickets were less expensive than if we had arrived after 2pm or went on a weekend (when they are $9.99). FYI: children under 1 are free and those between 1 and 2 years old are $5. We did not bring food as you are not allowed to bring your own food.

Right away, my children (2 and 4) ran off to explore. First, they headed for the bounce houses and slides. We played in these for a while and had a ton of fun. They had 2 bounce houses and 4 big slides. They also had a bouncy basketball court! Then, they went to the younger tot area where they have a climbing structure that has a slide as well as other toys for younger children. This area is gated off and has a bench for parents to sit while their kids play.
After playing in these two areas, my kids wanted to venture into the basketball court and mini-bowling area to check it out but these require paying extra fees so I kept them out of there. So, they headed to the arcade area where again, I denied their request for the coins and money that they needed to play the games but since they are young, they spent some time checking out all of the games even though we didn’t play them.
From there, we went to the counter labeled the Art Studio and I was disappointed. The website said they would have “fresh innovative activities” and all they had were copied coloring pages, crayons and markers. They did have scissors and water coloring sets but there was no little cups of water or supplies for actually painting or creating a craft. It did not keep my kids’ attention for long. Next to the Art Studio was the movie theater. This is a cute little theater where they were playing a Shrek movie that day. You can pop in and relax for a while to take a break and my kids enjoyed that.
Before heading back to the play areas, we took a break for lunch. They have a concession area that sells standard lunch and dinner items like sandwiches, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, pizza, drinks, ice cream etc. We ordered one small pizza and one chicken nugget and tater tot kids meal that came with a drink (no free refills, that was an additional charge of 50 cents). It was right around $9. I chose not to order something for myself in order to save the money. The food took between 5 and 10 minutes to cook and then we went upstairs to eat at some picnic tables. The pizza and chicken meal were fine, my kids ate them but it was nothing spectacular. After lunch, we played some more in the bounce area and my son wanted to play mini-golf. Again, I denied his request since that would have been an extra $7 if they both played.
All in all, my kids did have a fun time at Puzzle Fun Dome for the 2.5 hours that we stayed there. However, it was costly for what we did and I pretty much went there for as cheap as I could. I went when the admission was the lowest ($14 for 2 kids) and ordered the minimum amount of food for my kids to eat, not even myself ($9) and I spent a good amount of energy saying “no” to all of the additional activities that would have ran our tab up to nearly $40 or more. They do have deals for games (like buy 2, get one free) sometimes and they have a family of four pass for $59.99 that’s good for 6 months (if you think you are going to go often). But, if you want to check it out, here’s my suggestion for being the most frugal: Eat lunch at home and head there at about 12:30-1pm. You will get in at the lower rate and not have to spend money for food! Or, better yet, let your kids earn their own money and save it up until they have around $25 and let them pay there own way for whatever they want to do or eat there.
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  • I liked this place years back but it has went downhill.Would give place negative stars if I could. I hadn't been for years but heard they had some zipline bungee thing kids could ride across the ceiling. My son was very excited to try this so we went so off we went. I also wanted to grab some info for my sons bday party and a possible lock in for a scout type group. When we went in manager Grant was working the counter. He told me it was 6.99 for the bounce area and the rest was extra or my son could do "everything" for 20.50 (19.99 plus tax).. I said he really wanted to do the ceiling thing and glow ball so we would take the 19.99. I went in the Scooby bounce house with my son and it smelled bad, like mildew and urine. Went to play glow ball and the room was filled with toddlers for the daycare. We decided just to wait and do that last after they were finished in the room. Went to bathroom and it was filthy. When it came time for my son to do the zip-line we were told that our package included euro bungee not the zipline. Apparently everything didn't mean "everything". The worker was friendly and said the manager could probably just switch out the bungee for the zipline. The manager Grant told us he wouldn't and the other guy said that because he didn't know what he was talking about. .I told him we thought the euro bungee was the zipline and my son didn't want to do the bungee so we would pay the difference if he could switch them. Still he said no. Euro bungee, Glow ball etc are on the wall menu but zipline is not mentioned at all anywhere which is part of why we thought they were one and the same. He refused to let us pay the difference so we had to pay another 10 bucks for my son to zipline. He literally laughed at us because I had the two confused and was very degrading. When I said I didn't know what it was and that he had told me the 20.00 package included "everything" he replied with "most people when they have a question ask". He was immediately irritated, rude, condescending and combative. He is the worst person I have ever dealt with in customer service. No apology for not explaining it better nothing just "too bad". We ask for his managers name. When my son was picking a toy after spending another 30 bucks in tokens he was irritated that it was taking him a few minutes and rushing my child. My son decided to just save his tickets for next time and it was because of the vibe coming off the manager. When we were leaving in a very sarcastic voice he said "Have a nice day" but there was nothing sincere in his comment he was just being a jerk. I will never go back there.. We will be having my sons party and lock in at Lazer Blaze instead. I had difficulties on a play day so I can't imagine how bad they would be if a problem arose with a party.

  • So sorry for you bad experience – we literally haven't been there since this review a couple of years ago!

  • Horrible experience, I want it to go there to celebrate my kid birth day … the manager have a very unprofecional attitud not to mention one of his employees when I ask her a question she was lean against the wall look at me like DUH and on a very low voice said that the manager will help me . after I went through so much stragle I purchase the ticket and I was very upset for their attitud I decided to go back and get a refund which he refuse to do …. I will not go back until they remove that manager and streight retrained on manners to the employees on the front desk I expected more from a place and enviroment.

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