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This past weekend, on a whim, I decided to take my children to see RIO at the movie theatre. With a squirmy almost 2 year old and an almost 5 year old, we have shot down many previous thoughts of seeing movies as a family. On Saturday as we passed by the movie theatre on the way to grocery store, the thought popped into my head again. Call me crazy, but why not go to a movie? Daddy, who had to work, may not be there, but I bet we can do it!

Many of my “call me crazy” ideas usually turnout as you would expect with a 1 and 4 year old – with crying and the squirmy jitters – but we watched RIO from beginning to end without issue.

The movie and its characters left an impression on both of my children. They fell in love with Blue, a domesticated Macaw, and Jewel, the fiercely independent love interest. Once home, my daughter immediately located every cerulean blue article of clothing and proceeded to try to takeoff from our indoor play slide. Of course, her almost 2 year old brother followed behind.

Have you or are you planning to see RIO? Does your child love birds, parrots and/or flight? Here are some ways to feed your child’s interest either at home or in Louisville.

Inspire some imaginative play and make wings:

Make some wings with fabric and tissue paper. Here is what you will need: Tissue paper, cotton fabric, Elmer’s glue, ribbon, a safety pin, scissors, a pen, and a 1.5” cardboard circle.

Step 1: Cut a semi-circle out of your fabric that will reach from the left hand around the back and to the right hand of your child.

Step 2: Trace and cut out 1.5” circles out of tissue paper in your child’s choice of color(s)

Step 3: Begin gluing a row of tissue circles along the bottom of the semi-circle.

Step 4: Fill in the semicircle with overlapping rows of circles.

Step 5: Set-aside to dry

Step 6: Once dry, pin or sew a ribbon to the middle of the semicircle.

Tie wings onto your child and let their imagination take flight!

Take part in a local bird watch:

Contact the Beckham Bird Club and participate in a local bird watch.
Spring Migrant Watch
Wednesday, May 4th: 8:30-11:30am at the Loop Island Wetlands
Contact: Del Striegel 812-951-2368

Plant Flowers in your garden that will attract native birds:

Use this pocket guide to Landscaping for Wildlife to choose plants for your garden that will provide food and cover for native birds.

Visit your local library to learn more about birds:
Check out these books:

If You Were a Parrot

Crinkleroot’s 25 Birds Every Child Should Know

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