Review of Wheel Fun Rentals


PhotobucketLooking for a unique way to spend with the family or show off Louisville with out-of-town guests? Then, you should definitely check out Wheel Fun Rentals!

PhotobucketWheel Fun Rentals is located near the base of the Big 4 Bridge and open seasonally.

PhotobucketMy 3 year old was so excited to see all the different type bikes had out. They have single and double surreys, deuce coupes, choppers, cruisers, and quad sports. You will be able to find a bike that is perfect for your family’s size and ages. My family and I took a single surrey out for a ride. (Just a note that prior to riding one adult has to leave her license with them to ensure the return of the bike and fill out some paperwork – fairly quick and short.) The deuce coupe would have been another option for our family size and age, but we preferred having our kids in front of us instead of sitting behind us as they would in the deuce coupe. We had our 3 year old and 1 year old in the child seat in front of us and my husband and I sat next two each right behind them. My oldest was able to reach behind and ring the bell as often as he wanted. We brought our own helmets, but they had helmets available except for our youngest. In the single surreys, there are 2 steering wheels, but only one actually steers. The brake is also by the wheel. One of the employees explains how the bike works just in case and gives a few precautions such a slow around the corners and downhill. Keep in mind when going for a ride, that there will not be storage space so that you’ll need to hold it in your bag/purse in a lap or if you do not have young kids you can put a bag where they would sit.

PhotobucketWe leisurely biked for about 30 minutes around the waterfront passing the playgrounds before our youngest was ready to call it quits. The surrey was pretty easy to steer and pedal. It was great to take a young kids out and bike together. We had a blast biking around the river and look forward to trying the deuce coupe in the future!

They will be available daily for the summer starting in June. The bike rides range from $8-$30/hour. They have a coupon you can print off the website for a discount.

What a fun way to get some exercise, fresh air, and see Louisville with friends and family!


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