Review of Farnsley Park By: Jeanette

We recently spent a late afternoon playdate with some friends and their kiddos at Farnsley Park. This is a neighborhood park located at 3100 Wedgewood Way. It was a nice location for our picnic with some water play at the sprayground. There are two playgrounds with the one geared towards littler kids surrounded by fence. Swings, baby swings, and slides were at the playground surrounded by big trees that provided shade. There were several picnic tables in the shade as well to enjoy our dinner.

The sprayground was surrounded by concrete and not quite as shaded. There was a bathhouse, but was not the cleanest or freshest smelling. There was some trash around as well, but plenty of trash cans around. Tennis courts and soccer goals were available to enjoy. Overall it was a quaint little park that worked well for our get together not overly crowded or loud.

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