Review of The Comfy Cow


Recently, I chose to have ice cream instead of dinner and headed to The Comfy Cow with my daughter, the ice-cream-choc-o-holic.  It was just a mommy-daughter evening, so why not have a scoop-able meal?  She loves the “cow” shop!  The Comfy Cow is located in Westport Village and is the the most fabuLOUs ice cream eatery.  People are sitting outside enjoying themselves and the conversation in between indulgent scoops.  It’s more than just a place to pick up a cool treat, it’s a nice place to gather.

My kids get a good laugh out of seeing the cow out in the front and thanking this “comfy cow” for their ice cream.  They enjoy the store as well since there are things all over the walls to look at and it just has an overall welcoming feel to it.  We pull a little rocking chair off of the walls for a relaxing time!

When ordering, you have an enormous board of flavors and options.  But, don’t be overwhelmed. Just ask one of the scoopers and they will be eager to give you a suggestion.  Mine led me to the Chocolate Squared and my daughter got a peanut butter and chocolate combination flavor that was so good that I completely lost all brain function and can’t remember the name! 

This ice cream is incredibly rich and fresh.  You know these people really enjoy making ice cream!  You can get a simple chocolate but let me tell you, it will be the most delicious chocolate ice cream and you will leave shocked that it was in fact, just chocolate.

Enjoy some Comfy Cow ice cream soon.  Skip dinner, it won’t hurt anyone.  Ice cream is full of calcium, that’s a good thing, not that other C word that people worry about. Think: Calcium!  And, eat with a smile. 

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