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PhotobucketRecently, we decided to have a family night out. That means no cooking for Mommy! We decided to go to Bungalow Joe’s, as my husband has been hearing about the burgers for weeks. The website describes it as a “premier FAMILY sports bar/restaurant.” After looking at the website to ensure it looked kid friendly, we decided to give it a try.

Photobucket Bungalow Joe’s is located in Fern Creek on Beulah Church Road, which is an area I hadn’t visited in years. I spent a lot of time there in high school, so the drive took me on a trip down memory lane. Knowing that there were some games on that night, we arrived at 5:30, to beat the crowd. When we walked through the doors we were greeted with a friendly “sit anywhere you’d like,” as there were only a few other families in the restaurant. I was instantly impressed that the restaurant section of Bungalow Joe’s was separated from the bar area by a wall — a wall full of TVs. This thrilled both my husband and our 4-year-old. While I chose a table the husband and son decided to explore the small game room. After a few rounds of race car driving and pinball, we had to tear our son away from the games with promise of a temporary tattoo from the tattoo machine.
As soon as they sat down, the waitress arrived at the table to take our order.


PhotobucketThough there were many options from fish and chicken sandwiches to burgers and steaks, my husband and I ordered the burgers we had been hearing about. He opted for a mushroom and Swiss version, while I chose the regular burger route. Our son generally only orders burgers only to eat the bun ( and leave the meat – so maddening) so, we steered him toward the quesadillas. The kid will eat anything wrapped in a tortilla. We also decided that since we had a Seize The Deal coupon, we’d order an appetizer. I can’t resist a pickle in any form, so we went for the fried pickles.
Just as our son was about to ask where the food was for the first time (which was approximately 2.2 seconds after the order is taken at any restaurant), the pickles were delivered. What arrived at our table was not the traditional fried pickle chip, but long pickle slices that were lightly battered then fried. Though they were a bit on the oily side, the crunch and flavor did not disappoint. The pickles were resting on a small pile of Bungalow Joe’s homemade kettle chips, which our son exclaimed were “yummy!”
After we devoured the pickles and our son began to get out a few of the toys we brought to keep him occupied; our main course was delivered.

The burgers were huge, juicy, perfectly cooked, and delicious. They were served with more of the homemade kettle chips, which I think my husband and child could easily become addicted to. The one thing I did not try — though I wanted to– was a tall, frosty glass of one of the many beers they had on tap. We’ll save the frosty beverage sampling for an adult evening out.
We were all happily stuffed for just over $21, including the coupon but not the tip. Bungalow Joe’s  definitely lived up to the family friendly promise. We all three enjoyed the experience and will definitely return. Possibly on a Wednesday Game Night when kids eat free, or on a weekend with friends for an adult evening out.

By guest contributor: Candace

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