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I tell you what, if you are not going to one of the awesome Louisville Free Public Library locations around Jefferson County, you are missing out! But with so many visitors daily at 18 different library locations, how could you not be one of them? It’s possible you are not. Perhaps you’re new to Louisville and you have stumbled upon Louisville Family Fun and just found out about our great library system. Welcome! Perhaps you have a tween or teen who drove you crazy this summer because they are constantly bored out of their minds and they don’t know about all the cool tech-y stuff that the library does with kids 11-19 years old. Maybe your little family just grew with a new child and you’re seeking out things to do with a new baby or young child. The Louisville Free Public Library has all of that and So Much More! Let me tell you all about it my friend!

Now, I do admit, I’m a little partial to our libraries in Louisville. I’m the former children’s librarian at the Jeffersontown branch and worked for the library system for over a decade. So, whenever I can, I tell people to go to the library! But since leaving my work there full time, the library has exploded with programming! They are always coming up with new and innovative ways to connect with kids ages 9 months (really from birth but I wanted to use the 9s) to 19 years-old. The following is a nice summary of the things I saw firsthand this past summer with my own kids, and some of them are things I’ll throw in the back of my head for the next year or two (my daughter is all too quickly approaching the tween years). There really is something for everyone, and equally as much for college-age youth and adults as well.

 photo IMG_3621_zps323a3556.jpgSteve-O’s  Zainy Brainy Magic Show @ Fern Creek Library

Camp What-a-Wonder (with Wonderopolis) @ Fern Creek Library  My kids and I attended a couple of these family nights. The library provided a family meal, the “wonder” of the day with short video clips and a story, and a craft.

 photo 4-hjewelry_zps1385a8e7.jpg4-H Fair Projects: Jewelry & Place Settings @ Jeffersontown Library  My daughter completed two projects at this program (and also entered two of her own, which were entered into the 4-H county fair.)

 photo library_zps44deaa5c.jpgLearning about Kentucky rescued wildlife with the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Goshen, KY

Southwest Library Groundbreaking   LFPL is building a new library for Southwest Louisville!

 photo IMG_3665_zps2cf63ae6.jpgE-books, eMagazines, downloadable resources at your fingertips   We completed some of our summer reading using the library’s new e-book resource for kids, Tumblebooks. You just create a log-in (the easiest thing to do is use your library username and password) and use your portable reading device to read books, i.e. on an iPod or iPad! I read current issues of magazines like Parenting Early Years for free right on my laptop!

Louisville Free Public ^ Music Library   Check out the library’s digital music collection, another super user-friendly feature you can access for free with a library card!

Email your kids with their Library Champions yard signs from Summer Reading to Champions@LFPL.org

Tween stuff   DIY crafts-do you know how many things you can make with duct tape? Librarians do! We also participated in an engineering program in collaboration with UofL Speed School. Check out the calendar for more programs this fall for those kids ages 9-12 (I’m right there with you, it’s a tough age!)

Homeschooling support   The library hosts programs catered to homeschooling families as well as supplies a plethora of information via books, online research tools, etc.

Teen stuff    A teen blog, their very own summer reading program, ACT help and prep classes, AnimeCon, and more: teens can find tons of engaging ways to chill at the library!

Parenting stuff   This fall, the library will offer it’s Read With Me program to families to encourage reading daily at home. The Parents tab on the website is a place where parents can find all kinds of resources.

Babies, young toddlers, preschoolers   Storytime weekly at all library locations!

Tech Connects programs   Learn better techniques to search for jobs, creating a resume, programs like Raspberry Pi and Arduino (what???, let me know what those are please!), travel tips online, 3D modeling, watching out for online scammers, stop motion videos, and so much more!

Book discussion groups   These are scheduled monthly all over the library system. Some are for kids, teens, and adults-only! The library also has book discussion kits you can check out for your own book discussion-great idea for your Mom’s group!

By guest contributor: Erin

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