Tips for what to do with all of that Halloween candy – Candy Swap!

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We all love it! But this time of year, if you have kids you know that there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. That’s right, I’m talking about candy. Tis the season to receive it. I’m going to tell you how to get rid of it, before you rot out your teeth and pack on the pounds! 

1.  Science. Everyone will enjoy a little experiment. Look at for ideas. Maybe have a candy science party?!?!? 

 photo candy_zps0770a655.jpg2. Take it to work. OK, this can totally backfire on you if you have trouble keeping your hand out of the candy dish, but at least you will keep your kids from being over-exposed to all of that sugar! I like to send it in with my husband. Some of his co-workers don’t have kids at home, so it’s a nice treat for them.

3. Freeze it for later. There is some debate on whether it is necessary to freeze to preserve candy that is still in the original packaging, but if you decide to do so it will remain fresh for up to a year. If nothing else, freezing candy may reduce the temptation to consume it too quickly. On the other hand, it may be the beginning of a whole new indulgence. I’ve heard some candy bars are extra tasty when frozen. Maybe you should allow some taste testing in moderation!

4. Bake with it. A quick Google search will turn up ample recipes. I found some great ones here. Snickers Cupcakes? Kit Kat Cookie Bars? Yes, please! 

5. Gift it. November is a good time to give your child’s teacher or your boss a small token of your appreciation. Why not a coffee mug or cute basket filled with candy?

6. HO HO HOld onto it to stuff in Christmas stockings. 

7. Sweets for the homeless. Contact a local soup kitchen to see if they’d be willing to accept a donation. Or make little “bags for the homeless” to keep in your car. Fill them with useful hygiene items, prepackaged ready to eat food and a few pieces of candy. You can hand them out to someone in need in lieu of a cash donation. Use good judgement, of course, and don’t let your children approach strangers alone. 

8. Fill a pinata! A mom recently told me she uses leftover candy to fill her child’s birthday pinata. You could also add a few pieces to party favor bags if you don’t want to have a pinata. 

9 Put it in your Operation Christmas Child Box. Several local churches participate in this program that ships gift-filled shoe boxes to needy children all over the world. Non-chocolate candy can be included in the boxes as long as it is in original wrapping and not past the “use by” date. For more info visit .

10. Donate it through a candy swap. This idea has grown in popularity over recent years. Several local dental offices and businesses participate – give you a deal, prize in exchange for candy and they donate it to a worthy cause. Contact your dentist to see if they are having a candy swap!

We know that Noodle & Company is giving free kids mac n cheese if kids swap candy this weekend (Nov 1 & 2 2014). Details here.

Also, you can candy swap at some dental locations like Mortenson or Kids Denistree

By guest contributor: Brandy
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