Tips for Relieving Holiday Stress from Foster Chiropractic


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As the holidays are rapidly approaching, everyone’s stress level starts to rise. How will we fit everything into the budget? Whose house do we go to first? How will Santa get all the toys delivered and ready before the kids wake up?!

If reading that paragraph sets your heart racing, then read below for some stress reduction techniques from Dr. Foster of Foster Chiropractic.

1. Set a plan. Setting a plan to paper often makes it easy to break down large problems into a series of easy to manage steps.

2. Take time for yourself. Part of taking care of everyone is taking care of yourself. Be sure to have time for you to do things for yourself. Taking time for oneself also includes dealing with nagging issues like headaches, that often get worse around this time of year.

 photo holiday-stress-tips-300x259_zpse893bb9f.jpg3. Exercise 20 minutes per day. I know it seems like we are bombarded with people telling us to exercise more, but this time it is for you. Exercise reduces the impact of stress hormones on our body and makes sleep easier, speeds healing, and improves people’s outlook on difficult tasks.

That’s it, 3 steps to make this the best Holiday season yet. If you have questions or would like more help with ways to manage your holiday stresses please contact Dr. Foster at 502-509-3121 and let him get you on the road to health.

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