Family Service Opportunities around Louisville During Spring Break

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The kids are out of school and driving you nuts. One great way to channel all the energy is to encourage giving back and helping in the community as a family. It is important to teach our kids how they can help and that they are never too young or too old to give back.

Listed below are several volunteer projects kids can do with the help of an adult as well as some things teenagers can do on their own. Please keep in mind that it is a good practice to check with the organization before showing up to volunteer or donate items.

Opportunities in the community:

For the Family:

  • Sign up the family to serve for a day (or more) at the St. Vincent de Paul Open Hand Kitchen. They need help throughout the year.
  • Have a trail cleanup day with The Olmsted Parks Conservancy. The family can take a trash bag and some gloves and head out on the trails to make them a little cleaner. You can also sign up for one of the organized cleanups that are already on the calendar and all the stuff you need is provided.
  • Head out to the Food Literacy Project and help maintain weed free gardens. They are always looking for good helpers to clean out the garden beds. 

For older kids:

  • Volunteer at St. Joseph Childers Home. They accept teen (14+) volunteers to help in the Child Development Center. 
  • The Home of the Innocents has a Junior Volunteer program for teens 13-17. Find out more information here

Opportunities at home:

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