Ehrler’s Ice Cream Shop Review



There is a new Ehrler’s ice cream shop in Louisville!

ehrler's ice cream louisville

Ehrler’s Dairy started serving the Louisville area in 1867. Known for ice cream and other dairy items, it was extremely popular for over 150 years, with 21 dairy store locations at one time. Then all of their stores closed almost two decades ago, with only a few ice cream stands remaining at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, the Expo Center, and the Fairgrounds.

Ehrler’s sold the ice cream portion of their business to new owners a few years back, and in May of 2017 the new owners rolled out an Ehrler’s food truck that has been serving delicious ice cream at events all over the area. And now, after 17 years, Ehrler’s has brought it’s ice cream back to a storefront.

ehrler's ice cream louisville

The new store is located at 201 E. Main Street in downtown Louisville. It’s a small shop near the waterfront, close to the Humana building. It’s an easy walk from waterfront events, but if you drive there you will need to feed the meter (except on Sundays when on street parking is free). The shop has been updated with cute farmhouse decor, and feels clean and new.

Not being from the Louisville area originally, I was shocked to see the outpouring of love, support, and nostalgia for Ehrler’s to open a new ice cream store. People from the area are thrilled for Ehrler’s ice cream to be readily available to them again. Locals have such fond memories of Ehrlers and their ice cream from their childhoods. And I heard Ehrler’s still gets their milk for making ice cream from the same farm they used back in the 1800’s!


ehrler's ice cream louisville

While I can’t compare the new Ehler’s shop ice cream to the original, I brought a large group of family members there for the soft opening, and everyone loved what they ordered. Not a single complaint! The ice cream was delicious with good portion sizes to choose from, and lots of variety. It was hard to decide what to order, so I’m looking forward to going back for more!

If your child signs up for the Louisville Free Public Library Summer Reading Program, they can get a coupon for Ehrler’s!

Fun fact: The new Ehrler’s ice cream shop gives a portion of every dollar spent there to a local non-profit for kids – you can find out more at the shop!


By Guest Contributor: Caryn

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