Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World


Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World.


Looking to learn more about Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World? Most people plan their Holiday World trips for the summer when they can visit Splashin’ Safari as well as hit all of the rides for thrills.  Don’t forget, they are open on the weekends throughout the fall.  We tried it out last year and found that we actually preferred the smaller crowds and less pressure on us parents to try to get to the water park + all of the rides in a day.  The fall entertainment and not being covered in sunscreen and sweat all day…….that was better!

Besides the always-fun rides, there are special seasonal activities for Happy Halloween Weekends.

There was a huge corn maze, this was a family favorite. We were in there for a while and no one minded.  There are also hay rides, free little pumpkins and while we were there, a man was carving the most interesting sculptures in wood with a chainsaw- the kids were mesmerized.   I also noticed a huge corn pit (imagine sandbox, but with dried corn kernels) for the little ones.

Inside some of the theaters, they have “scares” that were just enough to get the kids a little scared but not enough that it wasn’t fun. There was a 3-D adventure and a spooky cage maze.  The shows are all Halloween themed as well.

Note – it’s less expensive during Happy Halloween Weekends. Tickets start at $29.99.

Children ages 2 and younger are always free

Weekends September 22 – October 31
Remember – it’s central time there!

Saturday hours: 11am to 8pm CDT

Sunday hours: 11am to 6pm CDT


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