Where to get hot chocolate bombs in Louisville


Hot chocolate bombs are really popular right now! You can make your own, but even easier, you can get some right here in Louisville. 

hot chocolate bombs in Louisville

Kids (and let’s be honest….parents) will love the fun experience of pouring hot milk over the chocolate to create a delicious hot cocoa drink!

If you are looking for where to get hot chocolate bombs in Louisville, we have a great list of options for you. There are places all over the city making these. But, warning, they are a hot product right now so you have to be fast or get your orders in early.

So, what’s the big deal. These chocolate delights are hand-crafted (by most of these places) and have surprises inside. You can get different flavors to satisfy your cravings or something unique to try. You put the hot chocolate bomb in a mug and pour hot milk over it. Soon, it pops open and all of your hot chocolate ingredients explode out! Then, you mix and enjoy your drink.

hot chocolate bombs in Louisville

You can try making your own if you are looking for some entertainment at home. You can find many hot chocolate bombs in Louisville but during the pandemic, maybe you want to try something new yourself! Your kiddos would have fun making them too. 

You can find hot chocolate bombs in Louisville at local retail shops as well as from home bakers. Before connecting with a home baker, it’s always good to check that they are following state guidelines and food laws

Many of these places allow you to order ahead or make custom orders and use social media as their main form of communication. 

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Louisville

hot chocolate bombs in Louisville

Chick A D’s in Middletown

Chick A D’s in Middletown has the cutest unicorn hot chocolate bombs. These are $8 each, such a cute little gift. Call ahead because they have been selling out quickly on these. 

hot chocolate bombs in louisville

Baked Hot Cocoa Bomb

Baked is offering hot chocolate bombs in Louisville and they make their own cocoa! They come 2 for $12 or a set of 6 for $36. Follow their social media for updates on placing orders and changes in flavors. They have peanut butter cup, Horchata, and even a color changing option if you child likes the movie Frozen. 

hot chocolate bombs in Louisville

A Nolot of Cake

A Nolot of Cake makes hot cocoa bombs and you have to order quick, last time she posted she sold out. They are $4 each and come wrapped up with a bow! She posted on Facebook that soon, she will have a boxed option and delivery options. 


Steadman Creations

Steadman Creations is based in Louisville and makes many flavors of hot chocolate bombs.  Dark raspberry chip stand out to me! Check out their Facebook page and send them a message to order. They have shipping options too. 

Allie Baked is a Simpsonville based baker that is offering pick-up dates in Louisville for hot chocolate bombs, order ahead. She offers a multitude of flavors from salted caramel espresso to peanut butter. There are some holiday themed ones as well. They are 3 for $12, 3 for $15 if you need vegan.  (Update: sold out)

hot chocolate bombs in Louisville

Mo’s Sweet Treats

Mo’s Sweets and Treats – Order hot chocolate bombs in Louisville shaped as snowmen ($18) or ornaments ($18 – $25)! She has milk and white chocolate available. Order ahead for pickup in December. Prices start at $4 for a single hot cocoa bomb. 

hot chocolate

Art Eatables Drinking Chocolate

Art Eatables – This product is not quite a ‘bomb’ but it is similar and their chocolate is out of this world! It’s drinkable chocolate that comes in different flavors and seasonal shapes and comes in a two-pack. 

Learning Express in Middletown is now carrying hot cocoa bombs, they are $7.99 each. They have shimmery gold and multi-color. Limited supply!

Bryant’s Cake & Candy Supplies

Bryant’s Cake and Candy Supplies has hot chocolate bombs for $5.99. (THEY POSTED ON FACEBOOK THEY ARE NO SOLD OUT) They have White Peppermint Mercken’s bomb sprinkled with the New fine grind peppermint bits. Also, Green Heart bomb that may remind you of one of your favorite holiday characters this time of year. They also have milk and dark chocolate. They have in-store shopping. They also have curbside pickup: call 502-297-9951 or message their Facebook page

chocolate bombs

Massie Avenue Cookie Co

Massie Avenue Cookie Company is offering hot chocolate bombs in Louisville. Their almond joy flavor would be my pick! They offer holiday designs like Snow man $7, Snowball $4, and String Of Christmas Lights $7. Really, the list of options is enormous so you can probably find any flavor for anyone!!  Order via social media. 

hot chocolate bombs

Better Batter Cakeology

The Better Batter Cakeology also offers chocolate bombs! For these, you will order ahead and pick them up. They also make these really cool treat gift boxes that come with a little hammer to break open the chocolate surprises. WHAT?! While you are at it, someone order me one (or 10) of those. Back to hot chocolate bombs. Their theme is “The GRINCHmint Chokolat’chip” 1 for $6, 4 for $22, and 6 for $32. 

hot chocolate bombs in Louisville

Brew & Sip Coffee Bar

Brew & Sip Coffee Bar in West Buechel offers a pack of six hot chocolate bombs for $25. The flavors they have available are: Milk and white chocolate, Peanut butter, Cookies n cream, Salted caramel, and White chocolate peppermint. 

Jenn’s Cake Pops is busy filling hot cocoa bombs! They are $4 per hot cocoa bomb and come in lots of flavors. You order via social media. Get a yummy Mexican hot chocolate cocoa bomb. Most of what she has posted now are for Thanksgiving so we hope she posts some more about the upcoming December holidays! 

Do Me A Favor

Do Me a Favor has hot chocolate bombs in Lousiville available! Coffee, sprinkles, caramel – check it out. You can even order a set with a mug, spoon, and hot cocoa bomb for $10.  Follow social media because she has set up forms for submitting order requests and will likely post one for the December holidays!

Katie B Sweets has hot chocolate bombs in so many flavors, including peppermint for the holidays. Click here to see the list of flavors. Hot chocolate bombs are $6 each. Simple send a Facebook message to order your treats! 


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