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They say it takes a village to raise a child and at Nanny Pair, we could not agree more. Created in 2018, we realize that times have changed. The demands on us and our children are at an all-time high, thus our needs for childcare have changed. Nanny Pair was developed to keep up with these modern times and we understand the need for an extra set of hands, so we created our new My Care plan.  

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My Care

This membership-based Pair Plan was designed specifically for you and your unique childcare needs. Join our village to have 24-7 access to the best care. Read profiles, review background reports & personally connect with our Nannies via our exclusive Nanny portal. When you are ready to schedule your favorite Nanny, simply book on their profile and select the date and time you need care.  Log in each time you need a Nanny and never sacrifice the best care for your kiddos.

$99 registration fee


$5 booking fee each time


Nanny my care

Our Nannies are truly EXTRAordinary offering a fun approach to childcare. Although safety is #1, fun is right behind it. They truly are EXTRA; providing extra fun, extra attention, and extra care. Whether your infant is soaking up the world around him like a sponge, your toddler is starving for adventure, your school-aged child is craving fun or your pre-teen needs some extra attention, our Nannies are here for you, and most importantly, them. 

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Contact us at or give us a call at 502.310.9419. You can start the process by visiting our website

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Although childcare is our primary focus we understand that you might need a little more. We also offer other services like pet care, errand running, and help with NTI support and tutoring. We pride ourselves on truly being the Nanny for your family. 

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