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Foot Golf is like golf, but with soccer balls!

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There is on place to play foot golf in Louisville

Are you looking for where to play foot golf in Louisville? When my son turned 14, we searched for things to do for fun for his birthday. He loves soccer, and so do we, and we heard about foot golf but never played it. I thought this would be a great idea for some birthday fun. Because at 14, actual birthday parties aren’t as cool anymore. 

As my kids get older, I am looking for safe, healthy, fun things to do in Louisville for teens and tweens. This is one of them! We did it together and I don’t think a teen rolled their eyes once at us. We walked and ran and laughed constantly. And, we went on a day it was rainy and no one minded. Honestly, it was better because we had to course to ourselves. Even if you don’t play soccer, this is totally something to look into doing. 

Additionally, foot golf is absolutely fun for adults. If you have a group of active adults that want some friendly competitive fun, go play foot golf and then grab something to eat together. It is so affordable, it’s nice to be outside, and I guarantee you will laugh a ton. You might pull a muscle or two though……..

foot golf in Louisville

You can play foot golf in Louisville at Bobby Nichols Golf Course. This is the one and only play nearby for foot golf. So, even if you don’t live near this course, if you want to try it, you need to drive the distance. We did, and it was well worth it. It was an absolute blast. My daughter, who has zero interest in sports, had so much fun with the golf cart, score keeping, and racing between the holes to keep up.

Let’s go through the details. Their website tells you they offer foot golf but not much more. So, we have all of the info.

foot golf in Louisville


$14 per person but $7.50 per person 4pm and later. This is what we did, what a deal!

$9 per golf cart rider. Golf carts hold two people and room for bags and soccer balls. Note, you can totally walk this entire foot golf course. We rented the golf cart because it was fun!

$2 to rent a size 5 soccer ball, but most people bring their own.

We paid $39 for 4 people to play plus a cart and over 2 hours of fun!

These fees are as of original publication date, April 2021

foot golf in Louisville

Booking your Tee Time for foot golf

It is best to call the pro shop to book your time. If you go online, the times and fees are really geared toward actual golf. The staff I talked to, especially Dave, were very helpful. (502) 937-9051. Times are flexible for foot golf and booking 4pm or later means you save money!

We had 4 players and found that was ideal. I would not go over 6 players at a time as it would take longer per hole and just be too many balls once you got down to the hole. Or, you could do teams of two on one ball if you had 6 people. If you have more people, you can book consecutive tee times. 

How do you play foot golf?

Like I said, we had never played foot golf in Louisville. We wanted to give it a try. And, I wondered just how much soccer skill do you need to play foot golf? There are 18 holes of foot golf at Bobby Nichols Golf Course (which is a 9-hole regular golf course). Us adults did just as well as the soccer player teens. As long as you can kick the ball hard, you can play. 

When you check in, you will get a score card and map. The map is very helpful because the markers for regular golf are not the markers for all of the foot golf tees. The foot golf markers are blue. And, it’s helpful to keep score because otherwise, I think we would have lost track of which hole we were on.

You place your size five soccer ball anywhere in the parameters of the markers for each hole. Each player takes turn teeing off like in regular golf. You start to learn you have to kick FAR on the first kick to get a chance of coming within par for the hole. We did track the par for each hole, but you can totally ignore this and just play for fun. I advise setting a cap like 2 or 3 over par for the number of kicks to get the ball in the hole. It took us anywhere from 2 to 6 kicks to get the ball in the hole. My son’s friend got a ‘2’ on one hole that was amazing, the kick of the day, we went crazy!

The holes are large buckets in the ground with light blue flags. You have to use the hills and curves to decide how hard and where to kick the ball. Some of the buckets have a lip slightly above the ground so we had a “rim” rule that we made up for putting. If someone’s ball really looked like it was going in and the rim was up and redirected it, we counted it. 

You can drive or walk to navigate the course. 18 holes of foot golf at Bobby Nichols took up just over 2 hours. You wear sneakers, not cleats. 

Other details:

The foot golf in Louisville course is very easy to get to off of the Gene Snyder at 4301 E Pages Ln, Louisville, KY 40272. There are bathrooms in the main building, which is easy to return to throughout the course since the course twists and turns back.

Currently, there are no significant concessions at the building during the pandemic. We did bring a drink and birthday cookies for each of us but honestly, we had so much fun we nearly forgot to stop playing and have the treats. However, drinks were needed since it’s great exercise. 

When I spoke to the staff, they also indicated they can accommodate groups for foot golf in Louisville. Just talk to them about what you need and they seem to be very willing to help make it happen. They said that they have helped groups bring in a food truck for after the games so everyone could get lunch or dinner after they play. 

foot golf in Louisville

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