Discounted Louisville Zoo Membership


How can you save on your Louisville Zoo membership?

Discounted Louisville Zoo Membership

The Louisville Zoo has membership levels available at a discount for eligible families!

I didn’t know that I was eligible for a Discounted Louisville Zoo Membership. I just happened across this information somewhere on social media. When my children were younger, a Louisville Zoo membership was a staple of our family budget because it saved us a bunch of money since we would go often throughout the year. 

Discounted Louisville Zoo Membership

My children are older now but my daughter in particular is still very interested in animals. This is still something fun we can do together so I am really looking forward to taking advantage of the discount.

I’m going to get a Discounted Louisville Zoo Membership through my student status. I’m pursuing a doctoral degree so I am a enrolled college students and eligible for their discounted student membership. This will make for some fun, inexpensive outings for me and my teen.

There are two ways to get discounted Louisville Zoo Memberships.

Are you enrolled as a college student?

We know there are parents out there taking college courses! If you are enrolled in college, you can get a single membership to the Louisville Zoo for $25 or a you + one membership for $45. I will get the $45 option because then my guest can be my child. So, if you are taking classes at an level of college and have a current student ID, take advantage of this offer. Your name will be the primary membership name. If you need a membership for more people, this discount may not be for you but it is a great deal for one or two people!

Your membership includes all of the standard membership benefits. In order to get this membership, you have to take your valid student ID and another photo ID that matches to their ticket office during normal business hours. They will verify you are who you are and you can purchase either of the two options. This discounted Louisville Zoo Membership option is called the Student Access Membership

Discounted Louisville Zoo Membership

Are you eligible for SNAP or WIC?

You can get a discounted Louisville Zoo Membership for $50 if you are eligible for SNAP or WIC. It is a family membership that is usually $139. The membership is for two adults and up to 4 dependent children (or grandchildren) from the same household (ages 3-18). Admission is always free for children ages 2 and under, so they do not count toward your 4 dependents. It also includes two guest passes you can use any time your membership is valid. Your membership includes all of the standard membership benefits.

To get this discount, you need to go to the ticketing booths during normal business hours. This membership is called the Community Access Membership. Bring your valid SNAP or WIC card and matching photo ID, you will be the primary member named on the Louisville Zoo membership. 

Did you know if you are eligible for WIP/SNAP you can get a FREE Kentucky Science Center Membership? Click here for those details. 

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