Review of The Louisville Science Center: Beyond the Kidzone By: Stephanie

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If you have younger kids, you may be tempted to spend your entire trip to the Louisville Science Center in the Kidzone. The Kidzone is great and pint-sized. But, I suggest you head up those stairs or the elevator and explore what else they have to offer.  My kids are 2 and 3 and they love the entire museum, top to bottom. 

On the center of the second floor, the kids can really get into building and mechanics. My son spent a long time building a pipe system and my daughter loved the small foam block earthquake simulator.  Besides those, they can turn wheels and pull levels to experiment with air pressure to make music or generate energy to light up some bulbs.  They can gather numbered soft blocks to make a bridge and yes, there’s still more.  Off to the right of the elevator, they can pretend to be a part of an assembly line with a fun ball game or build all sorts of things with cool clippy toys.  In an adjacent room, the can learn about some historic creatures and take a little break to hang out and read.
In the section called The World Around Us, they can explore a little cave or check out some stuffed animals; even create and watch a weather report. My kids love the “pin ball” water flow table!

On this visit, we wnt up to the third floor. We hadn’t made it there much but I think it’s our favorite floor now!  This floow is about the World Within Us.  There is a big tooth puzzle that they thought was fun and the main central room by the elevator is dedicated to the human body.  If you walk across the way to the area dedicated to Time, you will find a great dance arcade game for getting some energy and an aging simulator. My kids got a kick out of seeing my pictures on all of the screens.  My son said his favorite thing was pretending to drive the car that’s on that side and we really had a blast in sports simulator. You step into a blue room and stand near the black line on the floor and a video starts. There you are on the tv screen ready to play some sports. It was really cool and my kids and I got quite a work out.

I didn’t even cover all that there is to do. I just encourage you to spend a day at the Louisville Science Center. It has so much for every age group, even adults. It’s a fantastic place for families, fun and learning. 

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