Review of Disney on Ice "100 Years of Magic" and Dinner at Bearno's bythe Bridge


We decided to check out this year’s Disney On Ice at the KFC Yum! Center with tickets courtesy of the show promoters. We got to downtown a couple hours early and parked in the KFC Yum! Center parkinggarage for $5. It’s nice and close, and getting there early means we get a close spot to the exit. We walked up the sidewalk to Bearno’sPizza. It was only $25 for 6 of us to eat, it’s good pizza, and it’s
so convenient! A very family-friendly place to eat and there’s usually coupons available (online, city saver etc.). 

We had plenty of time to walk over to the Yum Center, take some
pictures outside, and then head in for the fun. Be prepared for lots
of overpriced toys and snacks – we talked to the kids ahead of time to let them know that we would not be buying anything that night, but they were welcome to look at everything.  Plenty of folks treat their kids to these special items though – they do have really cute things. To kill time before the show, we walked around the building looking at the Ohio River and merchandise stands. We used the family bathroom before the show started so we wouldn’t have to leave in the middle of the show. It started right on time, but people continued to arrive for 15 minutes blocking our view of the show – it may be worth it to pay for the closer seats if this bothers you at the beginning and intermission.

The skating was great! The princesses, Small World characters, and Pinocchio did an especially excellent job with neat jumps, flips and tricks. During the 15 minute intermission we got drinks at the water fountain and saw several moms filling empty water bottles from home -very smart! Then we sat down to enjoy the rest of the show. At the end, they do allow the kids to give high fives to the skaters, but the characters don’t stay at the bottom very long, and it’s hard to battle the leaving crowd. If you’re not close to the bottom with your camera ready, you may want to prepare your kids in advance that you are not going to head down to the ice level.
Overall, it was a great night. With easy parking and dinner, no rushing to get to your seats, it is a great night to remember for your little ones.
By guest contributor: Caryn
(Stephanie too)
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