Review of Creekside Playground at the Parklands at Floyds Fork By: Stephanie

Today we went to explore the new playground & sprayground in east Louisville, Creekside. It is part of the new Parklands at Floyds Fork & Beckley Creek Park that will be completed in 2012.  The place was packed full of families and groups out to cool down and play on a hot day. 
The first thing I noticed was the lovely covered area that ran the length of the play area.  As a parent, this is so helpful for when you want to sit in a shady spot while the kids play or to have a shady area to give the kids a break from the sun.  In the shade there are many picnic tables and quite a bit of space to host many groups. 
We headed to the restroom first and it was clean (as it should be since it is new!) and centrally located for convenience.  We found a spot at a picnic table for our things and the kids hit the splash pad area.  The ground is concrete in this sprayground but it is textured in a way that it was not slippery.  My children were barefoot and frolicking in the water and did not slip.  There are many spouts spraying dancing water from the ground, hoops created a tunnel of spraying water and two large spouts that kids can turn and spray where they want!  There was also a pole hoisting a bucket to randomly dump water on kids waiting below.  Everyone was having a blast.
After a bit of splashing, my children wanted their shoes on so they could check out the very different looking playground. It is really unique.  My son kept saying “look at this cool piece” and ran around frantically taking it all in.  Some of the slides did get hot so even though they are plastic and light colored, be careful if it’s a hot day and they have bare legs!  The ground at the playground is wood mulch in some areas and rubber foam in others.  They have a large rocking boat that’s very cool, an extremely modern merry-go-round wheel, swings for all ages and for those with special needs and they have 2 different sized play structures to suit both the younger and older children.  My son said it was the best new park and that we definitely have to bring Daddy next time, so I think that means it gets an A+ from our family!
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