Printable Grocery Store – Supermarket Bingo


I just got back from a trip and we had a travel bingo game for the kids and they really loved it. It occupied them for a long time and they were so excited to spot the things on the game board.  I thought, why can’t I adapt this to other things?  THE GROCERY STORE!  I need them to stay out of trouble and let me shop.  I made a grocery store bingo game and I thought I would share it with you so you can try it out.

There are four boards, all with the same photos, that are all jumbled up. Print them and give them the papers on clip boards with a pen, crayon, market etc.  Each time you go to the store they can play!  You can make it a competition or you can say everyone gets a reward if they get a row. With my kids, they just like to find all of them and they simply get a lollipop for a job well done.  It can evolve as they get older.

If you don’t want to print it every time, you can put the paper in a plastic sleeve and clip that to the clip board and they can use a dry erase marker.

You can adapt this for older children by having them create game boards for each other before the grocery trip. They can create bigger ones, draw in the images or use the computer even specify brands or flavors.

Mix it up by entering the grocery store on a different side each time or starting in different aisles.

Here’s a sample image!

You can print all of the boards!

Family Fun can happen in the most unlikely places!


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