Blank Books – A Brilliant Gift Idea from The Parent-Teacher Store and Toys Too!


PhotobucketPhotobucketFor Christmas, I bought my daughter a set of these blank books from The Parent-Teacher Store & ToysToo! They were just about the highlight of all the gifts she received for Christmas this year! Long before
Christmas, she told me she had wanted to write a book that would be a permanent, hardcover book.
My nine-year-old daughter absolutely loves to write. She has been writing and conjuring up stories for
as long as I can remember and in recent years has decided to put them all down on paper. She has filled
notebooks up with stories and this year entered a story in a contest at school, where she won 1 st place
for her grade level. I’m just a little proud of my writer, being a writer at heart myself.

PhotobucketPhotobucketSo she described to me what type of book she had envisioned and I immediately thought The Parent-
Teacher Store & Toys Too! had to have something like that. The day I went looking, I actually ran into
Mrs. LouFamFun herself and she went on a quest with me to see if the store carried such an item. Low
and behold, they did! I bought 2 of each size they had. They have large ones, medium sized ones, and
smaller board books too. They are completely blank inside; they also have a type that has lines on one
half of the page and blank space at the top. That is the one that my daughter started her first story
in. She entitled it, “Only a Girl.” She LOVES this concept and loves the permanency of each book she
creates. But what I also love is that these books can be used as gifts or keepsakes as well. I bought the
two board books with the idea that she could write simple stories for her little brother, who is under 2.
They would be especially for him!

Other ideas to run with: use the books to make gifts for grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, or other
new babies or other children, perhaps adopted sisters/brothers who are being brought into your
families. Use them to write a story at the end of the year to give to your child’s teacher. Or buy a set to
start giving as birthday presents along with some nice felt tip markers, pencils, pens, and stickers. The
possibilities are really endless!

They are available at The Parent-Teacher Store & Toys Too! and we just got word that they have
recently restocked them! (I think they ran out after they were highlighted before Christmas!) They run in
price from $2.99-$3.99 – WHOA – you can’t beat that price! Less than $4 a book, especially after you use
your LouFamFun Pass! Support our local store and site sponsor! The fun and creativity is a 100%

By guest contributor: Erin

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