Pi Day Activities for all Preschoolers and Beyond – By Age


 photo pi_zps048cc1b9.jpgI’ve always loved math.  I won all of the mental math challenges by my 5th grade teacher and loved my pencil rewards.  When I was in high school, I would spend my study periods or lunch at the middle school helping other kids or my evenings & weekend tutoring for some spending cash.  I tried to steer away from it in college thinking I would go the doctor route but the math department kept calling my name and I earned a math degree to solidify my math-geek status.  I chose teaching/education positions for a while and enjoyed bringing creativity into the math classroom….it doesn’t have to be boring, you know.  Even when I returned to graduate school for something else, they realized my math-geekiness and quickly secured me in a research lab to help crunch numbers.  Even today, running around with my kids, managing this blog and all that it takes…I still tutor on Sunday afternoons helping local teens laugh and learn about math.

So, it’s Pi Day.  (Did you know it’s also Einstein’s Birthday?) Why is this number important? Celebrated!  Here are some links that I found and like that help you and your children explore the number, learn, create and just take a day out to pay homage to the wonderful world of math!

Pi, better know by it’s approximation 3.14, is the constant (aka: number) that is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. Always. Every. Single. Circle.  

Note – some of these are from “Teachers Pay Teachers” which is free to join and all of the links are for free downloads.

For the littles:
Printable Pi Day Graphic Organizer
Pi Day Craft – bracelets!  After all, it’s all about circles!
Elementary Pi Day activities to get them learning about a circle and it’s parts
A Song about Pi and why/when it was discovered – good to follow up with a vocabulary lesson!
A Pi Song sung by some 5th graders – challenge your child to make a Pi song

For the tweens and teens
Pi Day Cookie activities to discover Pi
A Pi Day infographic to help lead your discussion about the famous number
Pi Day Humor because YES, you should laugh about math
Advanced quirky video about Pi – for kids in advanced Algebra II and beyond. (Math geeks will find this really geekilicious)

Or, visit the official Pi Day website.  Indeed, there is a Pi Day website.  You can even do something simple tonight and make rice crispy treats but mold it into the shape of the symbol Pi; stop and watch the clock turn to 3:14 pm and have a dance party for Pi; have a contest between the kids to see who can memorize the most digits (here’s 100,000 of them ). Google it, Pi Day activities are endless.

Have a great Pi Day!


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