Ear Infections a Big Problem for your kids? Check with Foster Chiropractic

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 Ear Infection Advice 
Ear infections can be BIG problems for some kids and while we don’t treat this directly at Foster Chiropractic, we do offer advice for both.

 photo eustachiantube_zps70aa388b.jpg Ear infections can be helped with massage of the area around and under the ear, warm/moist heat application, and mobilization of the Eustachian tube (it is the drain of the middle ear). I perform Eustachian tube mobilizations on about 20% of the kids that get brought to me for ear infections and only after looking in the ear to check for an infection. Then we massage the area and make sure the lymph system is up and running. There are occasionally children who may need mobilization of the upper neck due to tight muscles and we treat those on a case by case basis after discussions of risks with parents and the children.

If your family is plagued by ear infections and it really affects your family outings and fun together, check with Dr. Foster!

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