Review of Trapeze Workshop with the Louisville Turners Circus

 photo photo1_zpsa0e3f835.jpgI found out about the drop-in trapeze workshop on their Facebook page. It said no trapeze experienced needed and was a nice workout prior to all the upcoming festival food – all that applied to me. Having my third baby 15 months ago and only picked up running again routinely about 7 months ago, I knew it was going to be challenging. However, I was hoping that the fun element would carry me through the workout.

 photo photo2_zps5de81e3d.jpgSo after a pep talk from my husband to calm my nerves, I drove off to my first circus class. I arrived several minutes early at  Louisville Turners on River Road near Zorn not knowing truly what to expect. Fortunately, I saw a mom and daughter walking to the building as I did not see any ‘Enter Here’ signs. The entrance is to the left of the parking lot towards the river, under the building. Once in the building the signs direct you up to the 3rd floor for Louisville Turners. I saw a handful of people taking classes and talking, but I was not for sure who worked here. So I sat down and watched the kids’ static trapeze class. Once the class ended, a few more people showed up and I asked one of them about the trapeze class, and they introduced me to the instructor, Clayton. He had traveled with a circus for 8 years before settling back down in his hometown, here, so he knew what he was doing!

 photo photo3_zpsb56121bb.jpgThere were 3 students (including me) in the workshop. I was the only ‘newbie’ to the circus. The other two had silks and other training, but have not venture into the trapeze area. We started the class with 9min of cardio from the Insanity program followed by stretching and ab workout. It was go your own pace during this time and do as much as you can. In theory, each time you return, you would get stronger from the previous class.

Now we moved on to the fun part, but most difficult part – trapeze work. Clayton demonstrated several more core workouts using the trapeze bar. Fortunately, he showed me modified versions since I was not even close to doing the full blown versions of what he was showing. The other students were beasts who were super encouraging. You could tell they had more abdominal and upper body strength. They had been taking classes with Louisville Turners for about 2 years. It was cool to see how the classes have given them overall fitness and strength. Near the end, Clayton showed us how to get up on the bar and a few tricks. This was a highlight of the class, but also still very challenging.

 photo photo5_zps38471055.jpg photo photo4_zps9e526e9e.jpgClayton was a great instructor. He made sure to assist you when needed to feel safe. The drop-in trapeze workshop is just a temporary offering – Monday/Thursdays through January 2. The kids class is at 5pm and the adults (13 and up) starts at 6pm. The cost is $15 for non-members – definitely worth the experience – how often do you get to take a class using a trapeze instructed by someone who toured with a circus!

The American Louisville Turners seemed like a tight knit community with lots of camaraderie – open to all levels. If you are looking for a fun way to feel like you are not working out – check them out! 

By guest contributor: Jeanette

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