Review of Oldham County Day in LaGrange, KY


 photo oldham1_zps8e705ba9.jpg photo oldham5_zps4a9ec21a.jpgMy kids and I really enjoyed Oldham County Day. We got to the Downtown Historic LaGrange area around 9am and easily found a parking spot. Then we walked toward the LaGrange courthouse. (A friend had told us the surrounding parking areas were few and far between, and filled up by parade time. Then you need to park at a farther lot and take the shuttle bus in or walk up the sidewalks to the historic area). There were tents set up all around the square and down the Main Street. Most of the tents had freebies or free raffles to participate in which my kids enjoyed. My kids got to kick a soccer ball into a goal, climb on a firetruck, guess the number of seeds in a large jar, and more.

At one point a long train came down Main Street which may have been responsible for a delay in the parade start time. We found good seats on a curb for the parade just before it rounded our corner. I was amazed at our luck, because people start to stake their spot before 9:30am along the parade route. The parade had to be one of the longest parades my family has ever sat through. It felt like every business in Oldham was there! But there were many interesting sites in the parade. Marching bands, bag pipes, tractors, a giant roller skate, chiropractic camels, politicians, Santa, fire trucks, and more! Not everyone was throwing candy, but my kids enjoyed collecting it and got plenty!

 photo oldham4_zps9b5ed452.jpgAfter the parade, we visited the adoptable puppies and kittens at The Woofery, browsed through the rest of the tents we missed on the street, and stopped by some of the Main Street shops. There are plenty of great places to eat at in LaGrange, but next year I will pack a picnic lunch to eat during the parade for when my kids get antsy.

One of the floats in the parade handed out coupons for a free kid’s ice cream cone at the LaGrange Dairy Queen, so we headed that way. It was packed, but the ice cream was refreshing! Then we headed over to Wilborn Park in LaGrange to play on the playground and walk around the bridges and trails. Oldham County Day took up all of our morning, and the other local attractions extended into our afternoon. It was a hot day, but with hats, sun block, water, snacks, and plenty of shade, it was a great day and I didn’t hear any complaining from my kids. We’ll definitely be going again every year!

By guest contributor: Caryn

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