Review of Massage Envy Spa in Louisville, KY


Karen was given a voucher to Massage Envy for purpose of review.

Who isn’t overworked, tired, stressed … (home and/or on
the job)? Who couldn’t use a little relief, some “me time”, a little
R&R?! Everyone!! Massage Envy Spa is definitely the place to go!

With two convenient locations, one in Jeffersontown and one in Middletown, and great
hours of operation, finding a time and place to relieve some stress from your
body and mind is even obtainable to the busiest of moms and dads!

I chose the Jeffersontown location, and was put under the healing hands of massage
therapist extraordinaire, Jaye. Upon walking in, after a long day at work and a headache to boot, the calming
music and aroma of the facility instantly drew me in. A receptionist greeted
me, and talked with me about what areas of my body had pain or discomfort, and
also what areas I wish to be left out of the full-body massage (*for me, it is
the feet – way too ticklish!). I was then led into a “waiting room”
where Jaye joined me minutes later. Jaye and I discussed what areas I wanted to
focus on, and also what level of strength I wanted used for the massage. Due to
my headache and visible stress, she suggested that I add in some aroma therapy,
mint and rosemary.

Now it was time for the massage — Jaye worked her magic for
a full 90-minutes, and by the end, my headache was completely gone and I felt
as if I could lay in that bed forever – almost a feeling of drunkenness from
the extreme pleasure!

Having been to a few other massage locations in the past, I would say that
Massage Envy Spa’s prices and services offered are pretty much equivalent. The
difference between Massage Envy Spa and other places that offer similar services,
is that Massage Envy Spa has over 1000 locations nationally. This means that if you become a “member”, you
are able to use your membership anywhere you travel to. The prices for services
to “members” are lower than that of a non-member. The only other
noticeable difference is the size of the location, which makes the experience a
little different than what one may be accustom to receiving at other
facilities. For instance, the most well-known, larger full-service massage
business in the area offers “changing rooms” and a large
“waiting room” where you are treated to a foot bath and hot towels before
even going into your massage room. Other than the look, and a few minor
differences in services, I think Massage Envy Spa does a great job at getting
“deep into your skin” to provide major healing relief! 

Massage Envy Spa – Jeffersontown
2048 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40220
Massage Envy Spa – Middletown
12911 Shelbyville Road Suite 109
Louisville, KY 40243
Hours of Operation:
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday
8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Monday-Friday
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday
By guest contributor: Karen
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