Dart Rush Birthday Parties


Dart Rush has CLOSED in Louisville. 

I was hosted for the purpose of my honest review.

Dart Rush offers an indoor birthday party option for kids to be active and literally have a blast.

dart rush birthday parties

NERF® Blaster birthday party games are available at Dart Rush for kids ages 6 and up.

Dart Rush is in Oxmoor Mall and not only has drop-in times for Nerf® fun, but they host parties as well as fundraisers. We booked a party directly with management and received an email confirmation for the booking. You can explore their party options and book your party directly online!(Use code LFF to save 10%) They have various packages and an optional party room and I found them really helpful in choosing what to do. It was all really easy to work with them. I also ordered a cookie cake from the place in the mall that happens to be close so that made everything even easier.

When we arrived, the staff was really accommodating. They explained the process, took our items to the party room, and made sure let me know they are there to help so we can have fun.

Here’s a peak at all of the fun:


All of the kids arrived and the staff took over. I had 10+ boys from ages 7-12 and the staff knew just how to handle them to keep them moving through the process and listening. They walked through to check waivers and then took all of the kids to the safety area where they were told the rules of play and they chose their blaster. Kids can bring blasters or you can rent them for dart rush birthday parties. I found that all of the boys wanted to try a new-to-them blaster so I encourage the rentals if it’s in your budget. The kids were given blasters, safety glasses, and neon vests to identify their teams for the Nerf® party.

Once inside of the arena, the staff members got them started in the next game round. It is not a free for all. The staff members have set games with rules and the teams play against each other. The staff members serve as referees and watch for kids to go out once hit and keep track of who wins. It was way more organized than I thought it would be. And, the kids really listened to these staff members so it was all a very positive experience.

We had 1.5 hours of play time. This is plenty of time for dart rush birthday parties. If you want to save money, you could easily do a 1 hour play time and the kids will still have tons of fun. I glad that we had the extra time because the kids took some time at the beginning to get used to their blasters and how flow of things, then they had a ton of time to play.

After the session, the kids went to the party room at the back of the facility. The room has a long table and the staff set it up with a table cloth. There was a cart in case you need help bringing things in or out, a refrigerator, and a table for serving. We had cake and snacks to end the night as the kids got picked up. When the parents arrived, it seems many of them stayed at the mall to eat, shop, or just take it easy walking around. I think that’s a nice bonus that the parents have somewhere to go instead of waiting around during the party. If they do stay during the party, there’s a counter with stools for parents to watch the kids.

Honestly, the best part about this party was how easy it was. Once the kids arrived and the Dart Rush birthday party staff took over, I didn’t have to do a thing to entertain the kids or keep track of them because they were all engaged in the arena.

If you are interested in checking it out before booking a party, they have some weekday specials that are great!


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