Public Art & Murals in Louisville


Louisville is abundant with art you can see from your car or on your walk. Murals and sculptures are all over the city. 

public art murals

Spring is a fantastic time to explore Louisville. But, during this global pandemic, there are many limitations. Luckily, so much of the public art and murals are visible by car. 

Here are some ideas to safely get out and explore public art and murals in Louisville

Remember to maintain social distance of greater than six feet from people who are not in your household if you are viewing the art on your walk. 

Visit our social distancing page for more information for safer family fun in Louisville for spring 2020. 

Liz Richter has added a VOTE mural on the back of Odeon Louisville – 1335 Story Ave, Louisville, KY 40206. Go check it out!

Louisville artist and muralist, Liz Richter, has done the most wonderful thing! She has put together a YouTube playlist about murals as well as a scavenger hunt/tour for families. She knows all of the great art that families can go and see safely from your cars. 

Liz has created writing prompts for school-aged children to complete during NTI days. Also, she is giving away stickers so read over the instructions on her post if you want to enter to win. You can tag her @lizrichterart on a public social media post to be entered to win a sticker (very cool stickers)! Go to her post on Facebook (just below) and click through the images and you will see the scavenger hunt/tour as well as the writing prompts for the murals in Louisville. 

Here is an example of the videos on the playlist

The Louisville metro government website has information about public art and a searchable (though potentially outdated) database

Here is an interactive map you can use to find sightseeing places, including murals in Louisville. These spots are sculptures, murals, banners, monuments, and more. If you click on the name of the map and open it, you can remove the checks from everything but the sightseeing option. Many of these public art places are view-able from a car but, some may not be easy to see from a car. You and your family can pick a few that are near each other, head out with a map and GPS and try to find them. You don’t always find everything on a scavenger hunt anyway!

old louisville Old Louisville’s architecture is definitely art! Old Louisville has a self-guided architectural tour that you can do. The styles are very diverse and interesting, it would make for a great afternoon tour with your family. The tour is through an app and the information is on their website, click here.  You can also create your own walking tour. They have a sample your can purchase for under $2. Remember to maintain social distance!

Artist Wilfred Sieg III,, is working on a mural that is aimed to help make you smile and we can always use more smiles. Please be sure to stay in your car or keep your distance if walking or biking by. You can give him a honk and a wave! 


Note: This article was originally written during the global pandemic in 2020 and thus recommends viewing from cars. If you are finding this article when that is over, of course, you can visit these places outside of your car!

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