Kentucky teacher rewrites Little Mermaid song because she misses students


The ending of the school year is so sad for many. Normal schedules disrupted and little kids don’t fully understand. This Kentucky teacher is trying to make them feel better!

Kentucky teacher sings Disney song

Everyone knows this classic Disney song from The Little Mermaid. This Kentucky teacher (Oldham County) rewrote the lyrics to show her students how much she misses them and school. 

Kentucky teacher sings Disney song: The song is The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World” and this teacher has the sweetest voice and long hair like Ariel, it will just tug at your hard when she pauses and sings “I want to be where my students are.” 

Even if your child is not in her class, this is something to watch! Teachers do more than work at a school, they care deeply about our children. They see dozens a day and now, it’s all connection video technology. Let this video show your children that their teacher misses them and loves them even if the school year won’t end like it was supposed to end!

Kentucky teacher sings Disney song, loved it! Wasn’t that so sweet! I got emotional watching it, I am not going to lie. I decided to put it on the website for more people to enjoy. We hope you all are coping well during quarantine, at-home learning, and through holidays. We know everyone is missing people, but we will get through this!

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If your kids are Disney fans, Disney Junior has a playlist for kids. The playlist is on various devices and services! You can also download activity sheets for free.

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