Drive-in Movies near Louisville


Drive-in movies have become very popular in 2020. Maybe this is one positive thing about the pandemic?

drive-in movies near louisville

Since the weather is turning a little bit cooler, a drive-in movie one evening would be a really good idea. There are many places offering drive-in movies near Louisville. 

Drive-in movies near Louisville are fun for families this year because they are totally set up for social distancing. You stick to your spot with your family and you are good to go. Each place has its own guidelines to follow.

Many of the drive in spots are pop-up locations this year because people realize this is a great 2020 activity for families. This list of locations is not all-inclusive but gives you some options to check out.

drive-in movies near Louisville

When you go to a drive-in movie, bring things to be comfy. Many of the places allow you to sit in chairs outside your car. In the back of your car, blankets and pillows are a must. Bring your own snacks and drinks to round out the evening.

What’s also great about these drive-in movies is that many of them are showing “throw-back” films. My kids love taking a peak into my childhood by watching “old” movies. With all that is going on in the world, break away for a couple of hours to be outside together and enjoy a movie.

drive-in movies near Louisville

Another must, bug spray. You don’t want to be annoyed by bugs when you are trying to enjoy a movie. Bring that spray!


Drive-in Movies near Louisville

POP-UP! Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass: USA Drive-ins is hosting multiple showings at the Outlet Shoppes. It’s $20 per car. The first movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on August 7 at 8:30pm. And, on August 8, take in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, also at 8:30pm. Purchase tickets here. Additionally, you must purchase tickets in advance, it’s cashless. When there, you will be able to order food with your phone to be delivered to your car!

POP-UP! E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park: Fun Flicks Friday is on August 7 at 8pm for 60 vehicles featuring Space Jam. The money goes to benefit the Tom Sawyer State Park Foundation. I love that! It’s $25 per car. If you are interested in going, read all about it here and get tickets. 

POP-UP! Walmart is offering free drive-in Movies near Louisville. The nearest location is in Shepherdsville. The dates are September 25 and 26 and tickets are FREE. Gates open at 6pm and the movie will start around 7:30pm. Click here for their event rules


Sauerback Family Drive-in: This Oldham County venue hosts drive-in movies near Louisville all the time. Follow their Facebook page for lots of updates. Also, they have weekday shows, that’s a special treat. You can see their upcoming shows on their website. It’s $15 per carload, $20 if you want to bring your own snacks. 

drive-in movies near Louisville
Georgetown Drive-in: Another staple for drive-in movies near Louisville, this location offers many shows. Visit their website for an upcoming schedule. You pay per person, no carload. However, it is CASH-ONLY at the front-gate but cash, credit, debit-cards accepted at the concession-stand. Bring your masks! ADULTS 13 and older $11.00, CHILDREN 6-12 and under $6.00, CHILDREN 5 and UNDER FREE. No advanced tickets sales. 

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Click here and visit out summer fun page and you’ll find an outdoor fun section that’s full of other ideas. Make the most of summer 2020!


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