Hip Hop Sweet Shop


The Hip Hop Sweet Shop serves up an incredible array of sweet treats and amazing 90s beats!

hip hop sweet shop

Our family loves dessert! This place is perfect for those with a sweet tooth (don’t tell the dentist) because of the variety of options, there’s something for everyone. 

I have had my eye on Hip Hop Sweet Shop on Instagram, drooling constantly via my screens over the desserts that they post. Although I have enjoyed items from their truck, I had not yet been to their shop. Then, they changed locations and I decided to wait until they opened this new location because they were covering the walls in graffiti art and it had a larger interior. I wanted to see it! Once the kids had a day off from school, I headed straight to get dessert.

Hip Hop Sweet Shop claims to be Louisville’s DOPEST bakery, I do not contest that – it is absolutely true. You walk in and you are transported to 90s hip hop heaven, I wanted to dance but the teens would have just about died of embarrassment. I sang a line to a song and my son got whiplash as he shot me that look of ‘don’t you dare start that.’ But, my kids did acknowledge the second we walked in that this place was perfect for me. Little unknown fact about this LouFamFun mom, I am all about 90s hip hop music and it is all over my playlist while I work. 

This place is awesome. It is located at 1805 W. Jefferson St., Suite 3. which was super easy to find, pull in before you pass the shop and park on the side. We were greeted immediately when we walked in and when we told the staff we had not been to the shop before, they told us all about every type of option. And, since it’s a bakery, every time you go they will have something different as the pump out new flavors. That’s why you want to follow them on social media for specials.

What is even more fantastic is they offer everything in single servings. I love chocolate, so I got the ‘The Message’ cake slice which is a gigantic slice of chocolate cake (not sharing) with oreo pudding and red velvet cake mixed and topped with whipped icing and oreo and red velvet crumbles. OK WHAT?!?! Yeah, also drizzled with chocolate. (Update: Just ate some, insanely yummy). 

My daughter got the ’99 problems’ chocolate cupcake. Must have milk with this one. My son chose a slushie that they make to order, the ‘Bad Boys’ pink lemonade and it came topped with candy, and we brought home a mini peach cobbler pie for my husband. Dessert is set. And, even with a tip, it was all only $20. 

hip hop sweet shop

They have tables for you to sit and enjoy the beats with your treats if you so choose. If not, the items are all individually packed so they are easy to take home with you for later. They have Happy Hour on Fridays from 4-6pm and it’s $4 for a jumbo cookie and a slushie. That’s a deal right there!

You can see their menu items on their website and since there are so many options, I think you should get an idea before you go! Click here. They even have specialty hot chocolates so this is definitely not just a summer treat place, it is a bakery for all year sugar fun. They have also indicated online that they will have their place available for private parties as well. 

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