Mall St. Matthews Indoor Playground

There is an indoor playground inside Mall St. Matthews. We checked it out and it has all the fun for your little one.

Mall Playground

Perfect for days that are too hot, too cold, or too wet to be outside, the indoor playground located inside Mall St. Matthews is a great place to take your littles.

During the winter months or in the height of summer, families can get inside to let the kids get moving. The mall provides space for them to roam and plenty of options for snacks. But, for the little ones, they have a designated play area at the Mall St. Matthews. Not to be confused with Oxmoor mall – where there is not a play area.  

indoor playarea

About the indoor playground at the mall:

    • It’s located in the Women’s Dillards wing (click here to see a map), near Auntie Anne’s pretzels – great for snacking.
    • Open the same time that mall is open.
    • Always check with locations to be sure it is open
    • Lots of adult seating with outlets that let you charge your phone
    • Free WIFI
    • Shoe cubbies are located in the area under that seating benches
    • Good for kids that can walk up to about age 7
    • Very clean
    • Beware!! You can smell the pretzels, cookies, and candy and it might make you super hungry!


The indoor playground is not the only thing that will help keep the kids entertained while at the mall. We had fun playing with the GIANT chessboard and pieces that are near the food court and the boys loved stopping at the fountains located throughout the mall. I take about 10 pennies for each of them to make wishes. I love doing this with them because it gives me a chance to hear their wishes and have fun conversations.

There is also a business that rents the ride-on stuffed animals that’s located near JC Penny. 


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