Apple Picking in Louisville at Hidden Hollow Orchard By: Stephanie


Ready for apple picking? According to their website – some apples have begun to ripen early but most will be ready in late August. Check their site for updates.

Hidden Hollow Orchard is a very appropriate name for this gem of a place tucked away behind a few neighborhoods in Louisville.  You turn down a quiet road off of Old Henry, open the gate to the orchard on your own and travel down a gravel road to find just a table with an umbrella, a few chairs, bags, tools for picking, prices, a bucket for your money and if you are lucky…….Helen.  Helen lives there with her husband and is very easy going and happy to help.  If you would like her to meet you there, just call the orchard before you come and she will know to expect you. Otherwise, you can pick apples any time you want and if you fill a bag nice and full, it’s $5 and you just leave your money in the bucket!


My kids got to play around on the tractor before heading to find some apples….. who can resist a John Deere?  Then, we all enjoyed roaming up and down the aisles playing under the trees and reeeeeeeaching for some nice apples.  Everyone ate one while we picked and I walked away with 2 nice bags full of apples that will turn into something delicious this afternoon.  I tasted a few varieties and according to Helen, there are about 50 varieties!  I had some that were mild, some very sweet and some super tart.  There’s an apple for everyone!
You can stroll down the gravel road and find a mulched path to their horses and you can feed them some carrots while you are there.  They also have some wildlife that stops by occasionally. Helen says that turkeys and deer really love it there.  They also have some wooded areas and paths to check out and if you feel like it, bring a picnic and stay a while.  You cannot find a more casual place to enjoy a little simple, delicious fun with your family.
Be sure to check their website or give them a call as the it gets further into September so you can find out when they run out of apples!
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