Review of Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve- Bugs Behaving Badly event


Recently, we decided to head out to the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve because they were hosting a free events called “Bugs Behaving Badly.”  Since I sometimes feel like I have bugs behaving badly in my house, I thought this event was perfect for us!

The event was an open house from 10am-2pm and we arrived at a little past 11am.  There were a few families there but it was not crowded.  Volunteers and staff greeted up and told us what the event offered.  The kids immediately wanted to get their faces painted, so we did that first.  Then, we took some time to do some crafts and explore the nature center that offers a nooks for kids to read and hang out and other rocks, stuffed creatures and more that are great for imaginative minds.  They also had special bug friends there that kids were touching and holding.  The event was free but they did accept donations.

During the event, they had little bug collecting boxes and nets available for kids to use to go outside and catch some bugs.  They also had presentations throughout the open house to teach kids about different bugs.   After we enjoyed the indoor activities, we ventured outside to explore the little garden that had many bugs buzzing about.   Since we live in the area, we didn’t spend too much more time at the event but families can definitely make an hour trip out of an open house event like this and then extend it into a picnic or hike at the
nature preserve.  They update their website often with details about new events!


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